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Maybelline New York Total TemptationMC Mascara Lavable
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Soft but no length
I tried this mascara expecting great things from reviews and photos and unfortunately I was let down. It had a strong perfume smell, did not add any length to my lashes, and it crumbled off my lashes leaving black residue on my face throughout the day. I tried it a few times on separate occasions all giving the same horrible results. I ended up having to purchase another mascara.
amazing mascara
I purchased this product and absolutely loved it .
amazing mascara
This was amazing gave me length and volume this has replace my high end mascara i love that its affordably and you can also purchase this in waterproof i like it when it dries out a bit but this is amazing mascara
I'm searching for a new mascara and heard good things about Total Temptations. It did give my lashes nice coverage and length, but within an hour or two the ends of my bottom lashes were leaving smudges under my eyes. So embarrassing! Next time I try a new mascara, I'm definitely NOT leaving the house for a few hours after applying it! Aaaand... the search continues.
I tried this mascara and was quiet disappointed. Although I loved the brush, the mascara came out clumpy and then dried out quickly.
sn't clumpy at all. The waterproof one is waterproof for sure. Sometimes waterproof mascaras flake off if you swim with them but not this one. You can wear this mascara swimming if you want.
Amazing wand easy to use but crumbles on my face which is a downside
Length and Volume
This is my favourite mascara for the past year I think it’s been. It lengthens my lashes and doesn’t make them clump up. I use the blackest black colour and it gives my lashes a rich colouring.
So far its better then any
Well at first i figured it would be like something id end up throwing away but no this is actually worth money
So So
It definitely adds some length, but it's heavy. It left my lashes very flat and straight even after curling them. Also, my natural lashes aren't overly straight but this left them pin straight. over all it's ok, I wouldn't buy again but if you have very curley lashes it's great
Great mascara
I enjoy using this mascara every morning. I find it covers each lash nicely providing definition with few clumps.
Solid "everyday look" mascara
This mascara is ok. The wand isn't my favorite and the product is a little clumpy. But it's a manageable mascara that does the job of making my lashes darker and slightly longer. I have to work with it more than I would like to get more of the volume and separation I prefer though. Good for a no makeup kind of day.
Kinda clumps when you pair it with another mascara so it’s best to just use it on it’s own
While this mascara has potential for someone else, it did not work for me. Despite liking the wand, I found this formula much too wet and messy. I also found it surprisingly more difficult to take off at night, where my cleanser and eye make-up remover typically has no problem.
I love the brush in this mascara. It definitely lengthens your lashes. How ever I find the formula a little too wet, just takes longer to dry. I would recommend during hot weather and wanting length. Over all still a great mascara for the drugstore price.



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