4,3 5 0 105 105 Le mascara Snapscara® procure un volume lisse et sans grumeaux en deux temps trois mouvements. Cette formule s'applique sans tracas et se déloge en un tour de main.
Maybelline® Snapscara® Mascara Lavable
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Love yourself
This product make you feel good about yourself. You have confidence.
Grt choice
Loved it after trying so many other mascaras in the market .
High volume and lash length
I absolutely love this mascara. Every time I use it my lashes are so long with tons of volume. The wand fits perfectly in my hands and it applies very easily. You do need to do a couple of coats too achieve a good amount of volume but thats ok because the end result is fabulous! Pigment is very defined and the shape of the bristles work well with the shape of my lashes. Will be purchasing again!
Bold length and volume
Love Mabelline's Snapscara! You can very your length and volume just by adding more coats! The brush is curved to allow for an even, clumpless and easy application on your lashes. Great feel and lasts all day!
Snapscara is a high grade quality product!
Maybelline makes amazing products! They’re great quality and priced just right!
Okay mascara
This mascara was decent. It went on very dark like I was looking for and stayed on throughout the day, but unfortunately I found it to be very clumpy. Not sure if it was just the one i purchased, or a problem with the whole line.
not bad
hi there, I have tried this, and even though it has promises like all others to not clump, do this and do that.. it still did, I don't usually wear make up, but I found it to be a bit clumpy, and hard to remove. would not recommend. thanks for reading
Unlike any other mascara this product is different.it just doest give you the look that you want but it easy to remove.id been using different cosmetics but this one is my favorite one.i would highly recommend this.
Easy to apply
I nomrally buy black mascara but was intrigued by the black cherry so bought that to try it out! I love the color in the container but it doesn't seem to quit convey it on my lashes but the product was easy to apply. I wash at night with a micellar water and it doesn't seem to quite all come off but usually comes off the next day in the shower. bonus it all comes off as I don't have raccoon eyes after my shower!
SLS/SLES are foaming agents used in a slew of personal care products, including skincare and cosmetics, shampoo, and toothpaste. They are surfactants that can cause skin irritation or trigger allergies.
Easy Application
This is an easy mascara to apply and very easy to wash off. Love it!
Good product.
I was looking for a mascara with colour and I found Maybelline's Snapscara in Black Cherry. It didn't clump and the colour was nice. Very easy to wash off as well.
Snapscara in a snap!
Goes on smooth. No clumping. No touchdowns. Easy to apply even a second coat 😊
Does what it says
I love it, I love the brush on the wand, it is easy to apply because of its shape. It doesn't clump, even after 2 coats. Didn't flake throughout the day. Yes, it came off easy. Love it❗
Love it! It's long lasting, doesnt flake,easy to remove and great fun looking package.



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