4,5 5 0 177 177 Ces minis bagels sont parfait comme collations pour emporter ou pour mettre dans les boîte à lunch. Avec leur texture dense et cuisiné avec de vrais bleuets, ils sont autant délicieux frais sortis du grille-pain ou simplement comme ils sont.
Minis Bagels aux Bleuets PC
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Great portion controlled tasty bagel. Good toasted or fresh from the bag, although sometimes you have to aggressively pop the toaster to get them out. The taste is a synthetic taste and nutritiously they aren't very sound, hence the 4 star. It's kinda like a dense cake.
Pretty Good
Honestly these bagels are pretty good! They are a great snack size, or great for someone who wants to have a bagel but also have a balanced breakfast. I would recommend them! They also come in other flavours.
PC Blueberry mini bagels
I love these bagels they’re so cute and perfect for little hands.
Nice bagels, great idea!
I really like the mini blueberry bagels from President's Choice! They are really tasty, and come in a really great size! The normal size bagels are often too much for me, but these are the perfect size (especially for kids!). I highly recommend and I will definitely be buying it again!
Can taste the blueberries
I love that these are small. Great for kids that like bagels. My niece enjoys them. I do enjoy the taste, but just too chewy for me
These were fun to eat and just the right size for my littles. They gobbled them right up!
petit mais délicieux
j adores les bleuets et ces mini bagels sont juste parfait pour apporter au travail et ils ont tres bon gout,et aussi pour la collation .mes petits enfants en rafolles
Perfect size even for diets
I was trying a low-carb diet but I do love eating bagels in the morning and I usually have to only use half of one, while the other half dries up until the next day. The mini bagels were amazing for this! I can just eat one and not worry about too many carbs and i don't need to waste halves because I can't eat that much. Very glad for these!
great size
i love bagels but sometimes regular sized ones are too big so this is the perfect size for a quick breakfast toasted with cream cheese . the regular sized ones are just wayy too big for me. i would only eat half so this size is perfect and i love PC products
Great Size
Hi there i have tried these and they are so perfect for that morning when you your not really hungry but know you must eat something, they are perfect for that!
Baby bagels
We tried them for the first time last week. Seems like everyone liked them. My 2 year old twins loved them. They are the perfect size for them. Id recommend them to someone with children for sure.
ok -- but ...
The size of these bagels is great. Not too big, so not too many calories. The flavour is fine, nothing to write home about. My major complaint was that they were hard. They are better toasted than straight out of the bag.
Mini bagel
I love these bagels. They are so small and convenient. I find them easier to pack in a lunch then the normal sized bagels,and you don’t have that after feeling of eating too much bread.
Size Matters
Tasty bagel, I find best toasted. The size is perfect for a snack, or for packing in a lunch!
Perfect portion
These small bagels are the perfect portion for a light snack. Sweet blueberries with cream cheese. Simply delicious



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