4,6 5 0 112 112 Ces minis bagels sont parfait comme collations pour emporter ou pour mettre dans les boîte à lunch. Avec leur texture dense et cuisiné avec de vrais bleuets, ils sont autant délicieux frais sortis du grille-pain ou simplement comme ils sont.
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not bad but a tad dry.
meh, not all that great but ok,...i found it extremely dry to chew on, dipping it in milk might help
These mini bagels are a food I run to any time I need a snack they taste great and always fresh
Très bon produit
Ils étaient délicieux et frais mais le plus important c'est que ce soit les meilleurs pour la santé
Kids love these
These are so handy to keep in the freezer. The kids love taking them to school or having them as a snack. Just put some butter, jam or cream cheese on them and they are fantastic. I have also found that they keep good and fresh till the expiry date if kept out and not frozen.
This are the best in the morning
These are the best for breakfast, man oh man can I not tell you enough how much I enjoyed these
Great taste
These bite size bagels are just the perfect fit for the mouth, it's a quick grab on the go and very tasty. There's no imperfection with the PC mini bagels. I'm encouraging everyone to try this mini bagel.
Great for kids!
My kids love these mini bagels! Great for breakfast, snacks or in school lunches. My kids like the novelty of a mini bagel and love them toasted with cream cheese. These are very tasty and not too sweet or heavy like other bagels brands.
Love these little delicious bagels . Full of flavor and always fresh. Great when u are craving something light
Collation rapide
Parfait pour une collation rapide entre deux périodes à l'école. J'aurais aimé goûter un peu plus les bleuets, mais ça reste quand même bon.
I had expected mini bagels to be stellar, I mean who doesn’t like mini foods? Usually pc brand provides excellent quality but this one missed the mark. Perhaps the mini blueberries don’t have the punch their full-size counterparts do!
This size is perfect as a snack! Perfect for the kids to bring to school, as a quick breakfast or just in between meal snack. This sizing makes me feel less guilty eating a whole size bagel, which can be a lot of carbs and calories!
tasted super fresh and is just a great little snack for the kids. They were easy to eat and didn't stuff you up which is great!
So yummy!
Loved these. It was so delicious and my picky toddler loved them. So for me that is a big win! Feeding toddlers can be so hard sometimes but I’m happy I found something that works well for us. Will purchase these more often.
little burst of fruity delight
This product was used to solve a sweet craving. It was just sweet enough to satisfy the need of a sweeter treat. It was filling and not extremely hard to chew, as my package was very fresh. The kid loved it,
Super bon
Super bon produit toujours frais, je l'adore roties avec du fromage phyladelphia



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