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Mio Sport
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Easy to use
Use this product often it’s has good has Gatorade easy and carry it everywere
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Le goût est terriblement désagréable. Chimique. Cette impression désagréable glisse sur la langue et tarde à disparaitre. Son côté pratique ne suffit pas à faire renverser la situation. Passez votre tour!
MioSport Berry Burst
I use these water additives daily at work. I find this flavour pleasing,no bad after taste.
I love this product. Never drink plain water again.
Lasts A Long While
I was amazed at how many drinks it made. I always felt they the Mio's were very expensive not realizing the value for the extra money.
Gives water flavor
Price is a little high. Makes water have some flavor and color. Sometimes water can be very bland and these drops help to drink the required amount of water but need.
Tasty, easy to add to water in glass or bottle, can make as strong or weak as you like, can open, squirt and close all with one hand
Good concept, not flavor
I like the idea of this, with the added electrolytes, because that's exactly what I need in my life. And continuously buying gaterades with all the added sugar isn't really helpful given the fact I'm not active, just dehydrated. So being able to carry this with me and use it anywhere is awesome, BUT the taste is a bit weird. It's my favorite flavor but it has this weird thickness to it that almost reminds me of drinking medicine..
I use it all the time during my game, gives enough electrolytes to keep me going 👍🏼👌
This is so convenient. I really like the taste of it. Highly recommend.
I don't like this flavor. Tastes a bit weird. I would recommend try others but not this one.
Great way to help up your daily water intake! Tastes refreahing and a little goes a long way.
I love Mio!!! This flavor is one of my favourites. They are so convenient for on the go. I always have one in my purse at all times because I use them at work, at the gym, camping...Basically everywhere. It's definitely a great product for someone busy like myself and a good substitution for plain water.
Enjoy this flavourings very much, its good for those times when you should be drinking water but need a bit more of a flavour in your drink
It tastes good. Only need a little. Can carry it in your purse. I keep one in my purse and have one at home.