4,4 5 0 76 76 Voici le tout premier gel-douche auto-moussant de Dove, qui procure à la peau les bienfaits dont elle a besoin et la sensation de légèreté que vois recherchez.
Mousse de douche au beurre de karité de Dove
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I love the foam
Love the bottle, pump and foam. Easy in the shower and skin feels nice and clean.
Trusted brand
Easy to use pump bottle. Lathers up really easy. Doesn't have a lot of scent. Easy to find at any department store or supermarket. Not overly expensive and there are usually coupons on the go.
Love the smell
Mhm this smells so wonderful. I use it every day in the winter. Is good for the winter skin
Love the smell
Love the smell of the dove body washes! They always leave your skin so soft and smelling great hours after the shower!
It had a nice scent and felt good on the skin. There are better scents out there for this price point, but overall it worked well.
senteur douce mais...
honnetement jai peu aimer ce produit :( le fait que se soit une mousse je nai pas trop aimer ce quil fait sur ma peau qd jme lave
J'adore la mousse
J'aime beaucoup ce produits. J'utilise ce savon maintenant je trouve que le contenant dure très longtemps même avec les enfants.
Great product!
I really liked this product. My skin was smooth and soft. This is also gentle on dry and sensitive skin. I do recommend it
j'aime dove
j'utilise beaucoup de produits dove et j'ai essayer celui la même si je suis plus savon dur, mais j'ai adorer il laisse la peau douce et hydraté elle sent vraiment bon toute la journée
Pretty Nice
Overall, I do like this. My only complaint would be the foam finishes faster so has less value, however in terms of cleaning, it's great! I love to use it with a loofah and the shea butter smell is sweet, but not overpowering and pleasantly creamy smelling. The foam is a little watery at first, but if you pump well it is more firm.
This leaves your skin feeling very clean and moisturizer
Dove Shea Butter shower foam.
This is a great product, leaves my skin soft. With the dry cold weather upon us I need protection to keep the skin soft.
bought this shower foam it make a lot of foam smell clean and refreshinh i would refer this to all my friends ty dove
Fabulous foam
I love the way this body wash foams and lathers which makes it glide over my skin. The shea butter fragrance is divine although I could still detect an underlying 'soap' fragrance which I find is common with all Dove body wash products.
This Dove body wash leaves my skin smooth and sliky.



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