Mousse de douche au beurre de karité de Dove

4,4 5 0 133 133 Voici le tout premier gel-douche auto-moussant de Dove, qui procure à la peau les bienfaits dont elle a besoin et la sensation de légèreté que vois recherchez.
Mousse de douche au beurre de karité de Dove


This leaves your skin feeling very clean and moisturizer
Dove Shea Butter shower foam.
This is a great product, leaves my skin soft. With the dry cold weather upon us I need protection to keep the skin soft.
bought this shower foam it make a lot of foam smell clean and refreshinh i would refer this to all my friends ty dove
Fabulous foam
I love the way this body wash foams and lathers which makes it glide over my skin. The shea butter fragrance is divine although I could still detect an underlying 'soap' fragrance which I find is common with all Dove body wash products.
This Dove body wash leaves my skin smooth and sliky.
Une belle découverte
Une mousse légère et aérée, agréablement parfumée qui lave et hydrate correctement ma peau. Le packaging est très sympa et permet un bon dosage. Je trouve que cette mousse de douche est très agréable à utiliser et convient bien à ma peau.
Great Shower Foam
I have bought this Dove Shea Butter shower foam on several occasions and it never disappoints me. I love the smell and it always leaves my skin feeling clean with no left over film. It leaves my skin with a nice light scent and I feel clean after.
Love Dove and this product is my favourite in the shower, love all the fragrances but this one is right up there with my favourites. Dove is a winner! ❤️
I use dove liquid body wash and decided to try this foam as well. i love the scent, and it is very light and leave my skin feeling great.
Dove body wash is my go to. Shea butter is one of my favorites! I love the smell and my body feels so nourished and clean after!
I LOVE this shower foam! I will never use another body wash it is such a soft smooth foam that makes your skin smooth as well! And the different scents they have are amazing! Thanks Dove for making this amazing new body wash!
Great product, a nice balance between bar soap and regular body wash. It foams directly from the pump and spreads very easily. I do find I need to use a bit more than I would with a shower gel but I tire of body washes quickly so I kind of like that I use this up a bit faster. I apply it with my hands but you could use a body pouf or cloth and it would work well. It cleanses well without being over drying but I would not say this is moisturizing either, probably best for someone with normal to oily skin, dry or very dry skin may not like this. The scent is nice!
Wow ! Juste l’odeur. C’est celui que je prends depuis des années. J’aime le concept de la nouvelle bouteille. Mais honnêtement je préfère la régulière
Tres bon produits, tres doux pour la peau,,je l adore
I like how this product leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth! I also like the nice light scent, not too overpowering, since I have a sensitivity to smell. I also like the pump and foam idea. I really recommend.


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