Mousse de Douche St-Ives® Mélange d'Agrumes

4,6 5 0 49 49 Améliorez votre douche avec cette mousse légère et aérée, composée d'extraits d'origine 100 % naturelle. Rien ne vient agrémenter votre douche comme le parfum rafraîchissant des agrumes, y compris la mandarine et l'orange, pour un parfum tonique qui ne manquera pas de réveiller vos sens !
Mousse de Douche St-Ives® Mélange d'Agrumes


Nice citrus scent
I prefer citrus-scented bath products so this was right up my alley. I bought it quite a while ago but I remember liking it, especially the scent.
This product was okay but not my favourite
I found that I didn’t feel as clean with this product as I do with gel shower products. I couldn’t get it to bubble as much as I prefer. The smell was great and it lasted me over 6months.
Shower soap
Loved the nice refreshing smell of this product. It leaves your skin feeling refreshed and clean.
Great product
Nice light scent with easy to use foam pump so you dont have to use more than a pump
Simple, clean shower foam soap
I use this shower foam soap on a daily basis because I like that it contains simple, relatively few ingredients. The scent is not an overpowering lemon-orange/citrus scent, rather a gentler mild scent that is soothing. The foam soap also has a nice texture and consistency to it that is not watery. I use this foam soap instead of bar soap.
Love it
Love not having to get lather, just like my handsoaps are foaming this shower gel is foaming, hubby also loved this one. So much easier
Smells delicious
I love the smell of this soap and the fact that it is a foam makes it easy to use and it last a long time
sent bon et efficaces contre la peau sec des mains, du aux désinfectants
Everyday use!
I use st. Ives shower foam everyday. It’s cheap, smells great and always leaves my skin feeling soft!
My family loves this product, especially my husband. He enjoys the fact that he doesn't have to "wipe up" the gel to start to wash his body, it is a foam, done... The product has a nice scent as well, a perfect choice for everyone.
I have only uses this for a few washes but im super happy with the product so far i would like 2 try other scent
Smells good and leaves my skin soft. I love St Ives products! Doesn't give me break outs too!
Smells Amazing!
Had to go out in buy this after seeing reviews on here! And the smell was to die for sooooo good
This energizes me for my morning shower. I usually try to use this for my morning shower as the fragrance really gets me going. I love the brand and it really has an organic appeal to it.
love it
I found this product on sale for 5$ so I decided to give it a try. I have to say that for the price, the smell is wonderful and lasts on your skin for a couple of hours.


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