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Mr. Clean Clean freak
Mr. Clean Freak deep cleaning mist seems to do the job but needs a little more strength in my overcleaning.
Clean power
While it does do its job in the cleaning department, I miss the lemon scent of the original Mr. Clean. Lemony fresh is what I want to smell, not chemical overload. I don't know if I'd recommend it.
Bon produit, nettoie bien
fidèle à lui même, m.net à toujours de bons produits. J'ai adoré l'odeur
Mr clean
Love love the auto trigger. Cleans beautifully leaving a great clean smell. reusable nozzel brilliant idea.
Un des meilleurs produits nettoyants
Très efficace et de plus j'ai adoré le système de vaporisateur, je le conseil à tous !
I'm a total clean freak so love the name!
This smells amazing and is a great value for price! You can get refillable bottles for the spray bottle. Works really well on grime/stains. Love the continuos spray and have already purchased again!
cleans like every other Mr Clean I have used before
best ever
c'est le meilleur produit netoyant sur le marché tout simplement
It does the job
I think anything Mr. Clean touches becomes clean, I mean his names Mr. Clean
Mr. Clean gets freaky!
Let Mr. Clean freak out on you with this deep cleaning wonder spray. Gets deep stains out and leaves countertops glistening. I recommend this to anybody with a dirty home needing to freakin clean it!
Mr. Clean
I really loved the scent and how easy it cleans. It’s one product that does the job of various products. Great for a busy mom like me! The scent is lovely and makes your house feel so clean afterwards. Would definitely buy this again!
Makes cleaning FUN!
First of all, I don’t get excited about cleaning products, I find they’re all pretty comparable. I tried Mr. Clean, Clean Freak because I had a coupon and I liked the name. It surpassed my expectations! My tub tends to always have a ring due to my lovely dyed black hair and my affinity for baths. Clean freak cut right through the grime like nothing! The bottle is small and comfortable to hold. I hit every surface of my apt in record time and felt like a clean freak!
My family used this product smells great good over all cleaning we would defiantly recommend to anyone household. D
This product smells good. It’s not a strong scent. My house smells great after done using. I also work in a grocery store and this product is always purchased.
I loved it! It really cleans well and leave everything shining. The smell is not overwealming and you can feel that it's fresh. I can't wait to try the yellow one. I highly recommend it.



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