Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day multi-surface concentré nettoyant tout usage 946ml lavande

4,8 5 0 19 19 Les nettoyants quotidiens multi-surfaces Clean Day de Mrs. Meyer’s contiennent des agents de nettoyage polyvalents à la fois puissants et doux, tout en offrant un parfum spécial et singulier pour toute votre maison. Nous combinons des parfums inspirés du jardin, des huiles essentielles et des ingrédients de nettoyage multi-usages dérivés de plantes pour nettoyer les dégâts de la cuisine et partout dans la maison. Notre spray de nettoyage est excellent sur toutes les surfaces non poreuses telles que les sols en bois et carrelage finis, les comptoirs, les murs, la porcelaine, les accessoires de salle de bain, la pierre naturelle et synthétique scellée, et plus encore. Disponible dans d’autres parfums inspirés du jardin et produits biodégradables tels que les savons à vaisselle et les détergents à lessive ! Mrs. Meyer’s – enracinée dans la bonté.
Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day multi-surface concentré nettoyant tout usage 946ml lavande


Great !
I love that cleaning product it work very well and smell so good. I use it on the floor, kitchen island and other surface and it never left a mark or damage the surface.
Amazing product
I own a cleaning company and I love these products work great! I would definitely recommend!
Amazing clean and smell
Smells amazing and cleans very well I use this stuff on everything in my house.
It works good
I use this to clean my shower and it does a good job I feel that you have to do some scrubbing you can't just spray wait and it takes the dirt away you have to actually put some work into cleaning
I wish I could give it 10 stars
I have never actually loved a cleaner because let’s be real. I don’t really even like cleaning lol but this one, this whole line really, it smells great, it works great and it’s not hard on my hands like some other brands. Over all, if you’re looking for something to try out in your home, definitely give it a try, it’s worth it!
Not best in our hard water
This doesn’t work well with our hard water, it leaves a film/residue even after rinsing. I run into that issue a lot , we live rurally and have hard water . The scent is nice .
Great product
I love this product. It's not a strong smell and works wonders. What I most like about it that it doesn't leave a residue after you cleaned something. Some product unfortunately does. I have all different scent in upstairs and downstairs in my home to have it handy. You won't regret to try it.
Eco conscious cleaner
I was looking for an eco conscious product line and since I’ve started using this like I’ve got to say I’ll never go back to chemical cleansers. I love the concentrate formulas, they let you alter the strength of the cleaner and are budget friendly. Great natural products, great cleaning power.
Excellent cleaning!
I try to buy products that are not tested in animals and better for the environment. This fits the bill. It smells wonderful, and cleans very well! A product you will commonly find in my home. Also, keep your eyes peeled in the holiday season when they release limited edition scents.
Good scent
I love the scent of a good cleaner. I love it if someone can tell it smells like you just cleaned so I really liked this product for that. I would recommend and buy again. A good purchase
Lightly scented~
I love Mrs Meyers because the scents are so mild, but still there - and they are completely natural! I feel very comfortable using it in my kitchen and not worrying about it being around my food!
Not too bad!
I picked this up as a way to reduce the chemicals in the home. I did notice it can have a strong scent to it and may need to be mindful of pets or those who are sensitive to smell. However, I'd absolutely buy it again!
I use this cleaner in our mud room to get up the dirt and grime off the stairs and door casings after the kids come in from four wheeling. The lavender scent has staying power which I like having as the first smell coming into my home. Not diet and shoes. Would recommend.
I was pleasantly surprised
I was never a massive believer in cleaning products that claimed to be "natural" and thought they would perform worse than the chemical cleaning products I have always used. After doing some research and wanting to change my habits to help the environment, I picked up a few of Mrs Meyer's cleaning products. I was blown away by their performance! The multi-surface cleaning concentrate lasted forever, even with consistent use, and my house smelled incredible after each use. Stains were easy to remove, there were no leftover streaks, and the lavender scent was not irritating my skin or nose. I love using this and will continue to repurchase it from now on!
Lovely Scent
Cleans great and smells wonderful. Highly recommended.


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