Natrapel® l’insectifuge 6 heures à l’eucalyptus citronné à 30%

3,5 5 0 7 7 Avec l’insectifuge 6 heures Natrapel®, vous n’avez pas besoin de vous couvrir de produits chimiques pour une protection fiable contre les insectes. Cet insecticide à base de plantes repousse les moustiques jusqu’à 6 heures en utilisant 30 % d’huile d’eucalyptus citronné, ce qui en fait le répulsif à base de plantes le plus durable sur le marché.
Natrapel® l’insectifuge 6 heures à l’eucalyptus citronné à 30%


We tried this while on a hike in bush. We still had a bite or two, but it really does help keep them away.
Works well
I have used this for a few summers and find it does a good job. I would buy it again and do recommend it. I like that it is not an aerosol container the spray bottle is preferred by me.
Takes a bite out of DEET sales!
This seems to be a great alternative to DEET. It does not smell, and will not ruin fabrics. My mom is the original MOSQUITO MAGNET and if there is one withing a million miles it will beeline to her. I love it when she golfs with me because any mosquito nearby will head directly to her! She played golf a couple of times while wearing this and zero mosquitos. Looks like a game changer.
Great bug spray!
Natrapel is a pleasant smelling and effective bug and mosquito repellant. I like that the bottle is small and easy to carry. Not much product is needed to be effective. This is our go-to mosquito spray now!
not what I expected
Lemon is supposed to be a good bug repellent, but I was not happy with this product. there are others that work. I did like that it was a pump, vs an aerosol product.
Could do better
I tried this on a hiking trip to mount ham in QC and it didn’t work plus the smell was giving me a migraine…my friend made lavender and eucalyptuses at home with water and I found this one worked better and smelled great no headaches
Not for my neck of the woods
Natrapel Lemon Eucalyptus 74 ml Pump Spray didn’t make the cut when it came to keeping the local mosquitoes at bay. I’ve recently moved to the country and have tried many varieties of bug repellent including this one and it did not keep any of these bugs away b would not recommend if going into the thick woods.


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