Nettoyant pour le corps Olay ultra hydratant oasis à la noix de coco

4,6 5 0 243 243 La technologie Lock-In Moisture hydrate la peau sans laisser de sensation grasse pour vous procurer une peau d'apparence saine, propre et lisse au toucher.
Nettoyant pour le corps Olay ultra hydratant oasis à la noix de coco


My Favorite!!
This is absolutely my favorite body wash. I love the mild scent and you hardly have to use any to get a good lather up. I was most happy when they started selling it in big pump bottles!!
Dries out your skin
I bought this hoping that it would hydrate my skin for the winter months, but all it did was dry out my skin even more. It exacerbated my eczema as well. I have a body wash from Dollar Tree that is more gentle, hydrating, and leaves my skin soft. This Olay body wash left my skin rough, dry, itchy, and uncomfortable.
Feels fresh
I love olay products. They all smell nice and fresh. I love how soft my skin feels after using body. No moisturizing after my shower. 100% recommend
This is an addiction 😉
My son got me this as stocking stuffer and, I admit.... I spend a tonne of time explaining want versus need to my kids. This is neither! It's truly my shower addiction. My 2 favorite scents are citrus and coconut. And, dove NAILED IT. It moisturizers well, no Gross sticky feeling after showering, just soft silky smooth skin. Not an over powering scent but, I don't know who loves it more! ME or HUBBY. I have already purchased again at least twice that I can think of. If you have dry skin this is a great addition to your routine. And, it's something you would be doing anyway 🤷🏼‍♀️
Love it
I love the Olay body wash. I love how soft my skin feels after a shower. No moisturizing after my shower. 100% recommend.
milky texture, smells a bit too much, but feels good
It is super cool after used you would feel moisture. recommend for dry skin types
Smells heavenly!!
Omg this smells sooooo good!! Also olay ultra moisture leaves your skin silky and soft!! I LOVE olay and would highly recommend it and would absolutely buy it again!!
Such soft skin
This product leaves my skin so soft, clean, and moisturized. Great price at the store, even better when on sale. Super creamy and lathers really thick. Don’t have to use much to be able to cover and clean your entire body. I DO prefer the bottle with shea butter instead of this scent though.
Worth it.
I love this stuff. Not this smell personally but they are all relatively the same. All other body washes i tend to feel itchy and stratchy after I shower. Olay body wash actually makes my skin feel rehydrated and not itchy after. Makes you very soft after as well.
Love it!
This product smells amazing and makes my skin feel so soft and smooth. It moisturizes my skin and feels great! I will definitely recommend this product to friends and family.
All Skin Types Welcomed
Its a great product for all skin types. It leaves my skin soft and doesnt leave a residue.
Olay moisture body wash
Feels nice on my skin,I love this product feels cool skin,each time I use I feel refresh, smells good,has this moisturizing characteristics it's leaves on the skin leaving the skin radiant.i will strongly recommend this product to friends.
So Fresh
Always feel refreshed and smell amazing after best feeling is when you get out of the shower and you still smell the soap on your skin
Sooo nice!
I loved this! Smells so nice and skin felt super soft. I definitely will be having this in my shower at all times.


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