Neutrogena - Le gel-crème Neutrogena Hydro Boost avec FPS 25

4,5 5 0 46 46 Aidez à protéger votre peau de la sécheresse causée par le stress environnemental grâce au gel-crème NEUTROGENA® Hydro Boost avec FPS 25. Idéal pour tous les types de peau, cet hydrogel aide à combattre les signes d’une peau fatiguée et terne. Il offre une protection solaire UVA/UVB à large spectre et rehausse l’hydratation de la peau grâce à un complexe d’acide hyaluronique purifié qui agit comme une éponge en retenant jusqu’à 1000 fois son poids en eau. Cet écran solaire contient des antioxydants. Léger, non comédogène, sans alcool et sans huile, il peut être appliqué seul ou sous le maquillage. Pour de meilleurs résultats, utilisez-le avec d’autres produits NEUTROGENA® Hydro Boost.
Neutrogena - Le gel-crème Neutrogena Hydro Boost avec FPS 25


Refreshing and hydrating moisturizer
I was pleasantly surprised when I tried this product. It is lightweight in consistency and absorbs beautifully. While I generally use an additional SPF with the product, on makeup free days, this is wonderful to reapply. I strongly think this product is worth trying - it competes with exclusive and high-end products I’ve used at a fraction of the cost and know that ample R&D has been conducted on all Neutrogena products. This is so reassuring.
Great product
I love this product, its easy to apply. Leaves your face feeling smooth and tight. I use it after my shower.
Love it
I love how cool it feels going on and it leaves my skin feeling hydrated.
My skin dint feel hydrated or moistured as I needed to be for my very dry skin.
Neutrogena Hydroboost Gel Facecream SPF 25
I really really liked this product. I was lucky enough to use it with the cleanser as well as the eye cream. The cream was very lightweight and left my sensitive skin feeling very moisturized with no oily feeling afterwards very excellent product.
J’aime ce produit mais je ne trouve pas qu’il hydrate comme il serais supposer le faire déçue pour le prix mais sinon il est nickel
this product provide me hydration all day along with protection from UV rays spf 25. I use it before and after coming from work. Highly recommend for people with sensitive skin.
Rafraîchissant mais laisse un léger film sur la peau
Feels freh
Love the way it just feels fresh on your face Not greasy
I have very dry skin and after applying the gel to my face I feel very hydrated. You don't need to use a lot.
A must buy
This is now my go to moisturizer. It is super hydrating and leaves your skin feeling great. Love the fact that it has spf. Can't go wrong with this one.
Perfect product
This is my saviour this summer. This keeps my skin well hydrated and added glow to my skin. My skin is very dry and flaky sometimes but this product had helped me a lot . Definitely recommend!!
Not bad!!
I'm not a fan of gel like products so definitely not my favourite (but only for that reason) it does leave your skin feeling refreshed, especially on those hot days.
Good product
Love how it feels on the skin. I have dry itchy skin and it is so calming on the skin. Lightweight texture. No improvements needed for this honestly. Recommended to friends as well
Favourite moisturizer!
I looooove this product. I have combination skin (dry and oily), and this product does not enhance oil or cause dryness. It settles into the skin instantly and leaves behind a soft, plumped feeling. I never use anything else.


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