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NEUTROGENA DEEP CLEAN® SOINS PURIFIANT Lingettes démaquillantes micellaires
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Good wipe
These are good wipes as they are moist and convenient, though I wouldn't say that the 'deep clean' is felt or visible after use. Does clean the area appropriately though may need to use again to give it more of a chance.
bon produit
j'ai bien aimé ce produit vraiment un bon nettoyant
Facial wipes
Love these wipes leaves the face feeling clean and fresh
peau sensible
jai une peau sensible et les lingettes ont bien fonctionné je nai eue aucunes resctions cutanée indésirable
Good makeup remover
Very good wipe. Removes makeup easily. Leaves you feeling fresh.
The fist use of the product was great, I felt the cloth was adequately moist and my face felt clean and fresh post use. As the package went on, so did the moisture. By mid package, the cloths were dry and the package seal was no longer adhering. I'd put them in a zip lock bag next time.
Best Wipes Ever!
I love these wipes. They live up to their claims and remove your make-up the first time. You will not spend extra time wiping and wiping as your make up will be removed quickly and won't dry your skin out and you won't pull on your skin. Love, love, love.
Absoletly wonderful!
These Neutrogena deep clean cleansing cloths do exactly what they say they can do. They take all of your makeup, water proof mascara and all, right off of your skin and do not leave your face feeling sticky, or dried out. I love them.
Great product
Love this product...nice fragrance, enough moisture and even removes waterproof mascara!
Amazing product
Neutrogena products are overall amazing and they keep my skin healthy and clean. These wipes are amazing on my skin and i would recommend it highly. This is one of my favorite brand.
Feel refreshed
I used specially refreshing.. Makeup remove..and my skin is sensitive... Nice product
To Oily
I found them to be to oily, I still washed my face after. Not recommended for people with oily skin.
Great for sensitive skin!
I have very sensitive skin and these wipes caused absolutely no irritation! They get all the makeup off easily and leave you face feeling clean and moisturized
Skin so clean
I tried this product and it’s perfect for your face . It leaves your skin not only clean but soft . It keeps the skin in its natural heathy take . Shoppers drug mart had a sale so I bought 3. Now my mom has a sponge bath and it’s perfect for when she wakes up
Vraie lingette démaquillante
J'ai une peau très sensible et je n'ose pas essayer de nouveau produit Mais qu'elle belle surprise ! Cette lingette démaquille vraiment et ne laisse pas de résidu sur la peau. Odeur très subtile. Adoré



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