Organika Blue Mylk Latte + poudre prébiotique

3,3 5 0 2 2 Vous vous sentez bleu ? Prenez le temps de vous détendre et de vous détendre avec le Blue Mylk Latté d’Organika. Ce délicieux Blue Mylk Latté est sans caféine et combine lait de coco, fleur de pois papillon, spiruline nutritive, cardamome, Ashwagandha et un délicieux mélange d’épices; parfait pour les moments tranquilles de détente.
Organika Blue Mylk Latte + poudre prébiotique


Plant-based goodness!
I was given this by my mother-in-law as she knows I'm a huge fan of butterfly pea tea. This didn't disappoint. You definitely need to use hot water, stirring slowly, to ensure all of the powder dissolves. I also added a little bit of vanilla. If you have a milk frother, that would help with stirring as well! Such a delicious treat!
Meh not what I expected
Tried this thinking it could be a nice drink to have to wind down at night… I just don’t like the taste. I found it grainy. It’s just not for me. The colour is nice though. But I’ll stick to herbal teas.


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