Pain de beauté Dove Men +Care® Minerals and Sage

4,6 5 0 91 91 Contrairement d'autres pains de savon standard pour hommes, le pain Dove Men+Care Minéraux + sauge nettoie non seulement la peau à fond, mais confère également la sensation d'une peau énergisée et renouvelée. Spécialement conçue pour la peau des hommes, sa formule rafraîchissante procure une bouffée de fraîcheur à chaque emploi.
Pain de beauté Dove Men +Care® Minerals and Sage


Dove men
This is amazing. The latter is great. Leave your man smelling so good. Doesn’t dry out his skin or leave a yucky build up.
This soap is pretty good stuff for a soap bar. Rinses off really well and does not leave your skin with the dry look of left over residue. Smells nice without feeling overwhelming. Skin feels soft and nourished.
Love it!
This is a great product. I have always used Dove soap. Nice to have a male version so the girls dont use up all my soap! Leaves me moisturized, and feeling clean, and not an overpowering smell!
Nice soap
Good soap. Usually has a good price. Easy on skin. Lathers well
Good product.
I love the scent of the product and it is a very effective moisturizer and cleaner. It does not leave any soapy residue on you like some products do.
Mon chum ladore. Sent von et tres efficace pour tout type de peau
The scent is wonderful!
I love how this soap gives you that nice squeaky clean feeling. I originally bought this fir my husband, and I but started using it myself because I absolutely loved the scent! Really great fresh scent
Great product
I buy this for my son and husband it smells very nice !!!! Very moisturizing they never have dry skin and would definitely say this product is why!! Last long and smells sooooo good! Must have product for the men I your house.
Gentle soap
It's a great product that gets clean and leaves me moisturized with a nice aroma nature perfume. And cleans my skin well and maintaining my dry skin with moisturizing. I would recommend this product.
It's for my husband but I secretly use it too!
I sometimes will use this as I really love the smell and it just makes my skin so smooth! The scent is a bit strong but it does fade away. I don't normally use bar soap, but when I'm out of mine, I'd steal my husbands to use!
I'm a woman, but I think this is great for anyone.
I love that fragrance, that cleanliness sensation that this soap bar provides. I really think it is androgynous and that anyone can and should use it to feel good about themselves.
Une superbe odeur
L'odeur de ce savon est très agréable! Les produits utilisés sont bien. J'apprécie le sentiment de fraicheur qu'il laisse sur la peau!
Good product
love the smell and how it cleanses throughly. Great product!
Soap for men by Dove
We both use this soap and love the smell and how it cleanses throughly. Great product!
Amazing new scent!
I was really surprised when I used my boyfriend's soap with the special nature scent .. giving us a revivified feeling, mixed with a soothing sensation..


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