Pantene Pro-V Ultimate 10 BB Crème

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Pantene Pro-V Ultimate 10 BB Crème


Helps with no Tangles
I love this product for my hair because it cuts down the frizz and helps it stay healthy. I also use it on my niece's long hair to prevent tangles and therefore avoiding the dreaded hairbrushing arguments.
This is a great hair product! I have dry, damaged, curly hair and I loved this for my hair. You only need a small amount to do the job and the container seems to last forever
I just used this product last night and I love it! It is great for my curly hair!
I use this on the ends of my hair after a shower, and it makes my hair smoother and easier to brush through. Doesn't leave a residue, but I'd like a bit more nourishing power from it.
One of my favorite styling cremes. Works well and smells good too. You might need a bit more than you think if your hair ends up a bit dried at the ends.
I love it! I was a little sad to see that my old Pantene serum oil is no longer available at the store, so I went with this new one. I begrudgingly tried it, missing my serum, but I ended up loving it more than the serum! Why? It's not greasy or oily, washes off my hands right away. The serum left a greasy layer on my skin and I had to scrub and scrub it off. This is much nicer, and does the same thing for my hair as the serum, smoothes it and adds shine, takes care of hair static (which I hate). My only issue is, I have RIDICULOUSLY long hair, its to my hips, I go through these products like water. I wish they came in a bigger size.
Bought and used this product, found it weighed my hair down and left a film on my hair. Hair lacked volume and body after using this product.
I was skeptical about this since I have fine hair. It made my hair nice & soft without a heavy feeling. I didn't feel as if I need to wash my hair the following day as I have had to do with other leave in products. Since my hair is short, I only used one pump. Definitely a product worth checking out.
Really like this product although I can only use it once or twice a week. Find it builds up if used too much.
I got this from bzzagent I love it . I use it often makes my hair looks and feels great. Worth buying
It's great. Very light and it does not leave the hair heavy or greesy. Really like it for after pool or beach day.
i love this product it makes my hair feel so soft, takes away the frizzies, it smells great too. i have been using it for a couple months now and i am very happy. just be careful not to use too much or your hair will end up greasy...a little goes a long way
I love this product. While it didn't give my fine hair any volume, it did leave it very soft and smooth. I only used 2 pumps so it lasted me a long time.
I also received this in my bzzkit, and while I enjoyed using it I didn't find it a "10 in 1 hair perfector". While it made my hair soft, helped smooth my hair so there was very little frizz, but it didn't make a huge difference in my hair.
I recieved this product in my bzzkit from bzzagent. I love this product. i put it on wet hair and then i blow dry and straighten my hair. and it looks and feels great.


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