Perles parfumées pour lessive Fleecy*

4,4 5 0 126 126 Ajoutez-en un peu ou beaucoup dans la machine à laver au début du lavage et laissez son parfum durable agir pour obtenir des vêtements qui sentent la fraîcheur pendant des semaines.
Perles parfumées pour lessive Fleecy*


Not bad!
I wish they'd come out with beads with the scent of their yellow dryer sheets. These are okay but not as ncie as those would be!
J'aime bien!
J'aime bien mais pour les draps et les serviettes ainsi quand je les prend dans le placard une bonne odeur sans dégage encore ! Par contre attention il faut en utiliser très peu même moins que ce qui est recommander car l'odeur est assez persistante!
Using for years!
I have been using fleecy for years and they always make my laundry smell great! This particular model has a very light fragrance which is a great little scent to add a bit of a small yet noticeable fragrance to my laundry! I recommend fleecy for everyday laundry.
Smells like strong cologne
I bought this because it was on sale. It’s very strong smelling so I use it when I wash my husband’s work clothes. Lol
A little or a lot
I really like that you can control the amount of scent you get by choosing how much to add. I found that the scent lasts about as long as other products I've tried. The container is a little smaller and cheaper, but I would only buy it when it was on sale.
Love this
Great product dissolves well not like some others. I love washing my sheets. The scent last the week till I have to wash again
Smells great
I use this product each time I do laundry. Living with a smoker it takes the cigarette smell away and smells great until the next wash.i would love to see more scent choices.
Smells great but the bottle was too small for a large family and the scent didnt last as long as id hoped
I love this product I mostly use it for my towels and blankets. I also throw a few of these beads in when I vacuum seal my duvet covers over the summer. These are great to keep stored linens fresh will definitely re-purchase
J’ai découvert ce produit récemment, depuis j’en utilise à chaque fois que je fais une lessive. Le produit sent super bon et longtemps. J’adore et je recommande ce produit.
I use it every time I wash my clothes. the fragrance of perks keep clothes smooth and fresh for a longer time. It also reduces the lint and keeps the fabric of my cloth as it is.
Love it
Makes my clothes smell soooo good and it lasts for a long time after the clothes have been washed too
Scent stays longer then other brands
Highly recommended. The scent stays longer then most other brands
Je l'adore
Très bon produit, un parfum très agréable. Surtout le parfum tient longtemps
Love the smell of fresh laundry
I love the smell of Fleecy laundry beads. I use Fleecy dryer sheets also. I enjoy the fragrance when I open my dresser drawers and I love that my closet smells so nice. I would love it if they came out with a patchouli scented beads and sheets.


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