3,8 5 0 30 30 Le pouding BOOST® offre une nutrition complète et équilibrée sous forme de délicieux dessert crémeux.
Pouding BOOST® Vanille
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Très bon
Très bon produit. Ça fait changement que les boost liquide.
Chocolate is better
I started having trouble with my appetite and being able to eat proper meals but these have saved my life because when I have no appetite I can just have one of these. I am a pretty picky eater at first I didn't like it the first try but I gave it a second chance and the vanilla pudding is pretty nice, The consistensy is a bit thicker than your conventional vanilla pudding and it does have a somewhat odd aftertaste but it isn't bad to the point I wouldn't eat it. If the aftertaste bothers you I would recommend the chocolate it is my favourite and I find it masks the aftertaste that I typically get with the vanilla pudding. They are bith great options and would reccomend both they can be more on the expensive side 8-11 dollars each for 6 but I stock on when they are on sale and even if they aren't they are worth it especially when you are having trouble eating.
Great For Someone Who Needs To Get More Nutrition
I came off a feeding tube in August and needed to start off with soft foods. I got these because they packed a bunch of nutrition in a small amount of soft food that tasted GREAT! The chocolate is also a geat one!
Great option for when you need the boost
Can be hard to find. It’s a great option when need this to supplement your diet.
These are so creamy and nutritious. The packaging is so convenient.
J'ai essayé ce produit en pouding et je préfère le Boost à boire. Je recommande ce produit aux personnes qui en ont de besoin.
I think it's a great way to get those vitamins and minerals which I don't get from my regular foods. It works great for me 💖
A nice change from the usual liquid meal replacements and supplements. I always buy these when they go on sale.
This Item has nothing to do with tasty supplements nor food.
Not very tasty has alot of artificial ingredients and flavors plus the texture is awful
The pudding has a nice silky texture, a good rich flavour and keeps me satisfied when I get a craving.
It was delicious. They managed to make it full of vitamins without making it taste like it was full of vitamins.
We used this product to help with an eating issue, it has the same texture as regular pudding, but find it has a bit of an aftertaste.
Yea I love the taste of the pudding and love the fact that it has added vitamins I will buy this product again for a little boost.
Excellent produit comme substitut de repas... je l'adore au chocolat.


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