4,4 5 0 29 29 Compact d’EnsureMD est un aliment complet et équilibré offert dans un petit format pratique.
Préparation pour régime liquide d'alimentation complète et équilibrée sans gluten à saveur de vanille Compact d'Ensure
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Les produits ensure font partie de mon quotidien. J'apprécie donc beaucoup le format pratique. Cependant la saveur "vanille" fut un total raté, pour moi. J'ai tout simplement détesté la saveur déplaisante qui est proposé.
Compact too <3
I was addicted to this flavour and strawberry regular sizes! They are so good with the added health bonuses! Sometimes I would add a little milk to make it last longer, espcially strawberry, because they taste so yummy!
Format parfait
Format parfait comme substitut de repas et on y retrouve tous les protéines et vitamines nécessaires en un petit format compact. Le seul point négatif est le prix. Plus dispendieux que les formats réguliers
Lots of flavour
Usually I add this to my moms oatmeal in the morning. She only likes to eat once a day . I like her to get all the vitamins and minerals that her body needs . I drink it also. I usually get the strawberry or vanilla flavour
Éfficace !
Cette bouteille de lait nutritif est d une grande efficacité, elle donne de l'énergie et est bonne au gout. Le nouveau format et facile a tenir et conserve bien le reste du mélange.
Keeps Me Going
Ensure is an important factor in my life. I am satisfied that I have a good protein and vitamin intake when my appetite wanes. I like all of the flavours, and suggest that even more selections would be great. Keep the fibre rich Ensure going..It really helps. I know that I would not feel as well without wiwithout Ensure as part of my daily intake.
Not bad I guess...
I have to drink these because I had surgery and now I have a hard time eating. Comes in different flavors and they don't taste bad, but sometimes they seem chunky a bit or I gag on it. Make sure you switch up the flavors once and a while.
Good for a quick snack
Have tried a couple of the flavour especially when I have long apts at the hospital. These are great to take along and keep me full and helps me through the day. The chocolate flavour is my favourite
Great tasteem.
Amazing taste! Super delicious and will totally recommend getting them
I wasn't very satisfied and this was some what of a shock with all the hype out there I would have expected more.
Compared to other formulas I have tried, I really didn't mind this one. Surprisingly I normally hate the taste of vanilla in these types of drinks, but this one in particular I like! it's great to have on the go since i'ts small and compact and i'ts a little something to keep me going until my next meal. I"ts not chalky at all but i do find that I actually prefer to drink this at romp temp than cold. Includes a combination of protein, fat, carbohydrates and various vitamins and minerals!
Love that I can get all the vitamins I need even if I skip a meal.
I have tried this one time and think it’s great . Would love some more :)
What a delicious drink. I love hat it adds vitamins and minerals to my diet.
My son really like this.i gave him two times a day and full energy all the day



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