4,3 5 0 91 91 Le goût délicieux de la croustade aux pêches sous forme de barre pratique pouvant être savourée partout où que vous soyez.
Quaker Chewy Croustade aux Pêches
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This bar is so delicious and it has peaches pieces and easy to carry and my family loves to eat it
Nice real peach flavourful and holds together well in children’s hands. A healthy alternative to snack time. Maybe they could be a bit more colourful with peach pieces or something like that
Bonne collation
Ces barres tendres sont très bonne. Elles ne sont pas aussi sucrées que les autres barres avec du chocolat. Le seul point à améliorer serait le format. Je le recommande!
My kids love these
My kids loved these! I love that it’s sweet so they think they are getting a treat but it’s also good for you ingredients so it’s not bad for them!
Children approve!!
I've got 3 school aged boys, so it can be challenging coming up with variety when it comes to their lunches. I include a daily "treat" which usually consists of some sort of bar or fruit snack. I recently purchased these due to a hot deal at my local grocery store, and I'm officially hooked,! My kids are too! They specifically ask for the "peach bar" over gummies! Unreal. We will definitely be buying more.
like eating a peach so flavorful
i love these :) the flavor is so good!!! i have these regularly in my lunch box
Loved them
Boyfriend and I enjoyed these, however we had picked them out for our 4 year old who not. Nice texture, and good flavour. I could see how the flavour could be overwhelming though so if peach isn’t you’re favourite I wouldn’t recommend them because it’s very strong.
Miam !!
Ces barres granola au goût de pêches sont excellentes et ont un goût divin de pêches fraîches. Elles sont une collation qui rassasient pleinement et comblent les enfants....et les grands. Je vous les recommande
Loved the Chewy Peach Fruit Crumble bar
I do not eat a lot of granola bars. However, I love peaches. Thus I saw these and decided to try them. Oh my goodness! They are yummy! Delicious peach flavour and nice chewy texture. Definitely one of my favourites.
I love the food blend , definitely a recommended purchase . A good snack for the entire family
Great taste!
Together with the green apple, this peach flavor was one of my favorites! Great taste and consistency, and a good and quick snack-to-go. I love always having one of these chewy bars in my backpack for emergencies!
Peach flavour
A great lunch snack, not my favourite flavour, but a great product overall
snack on the go
great snack. Love the ease of putting one in my purse, the kids lunches, or just keeping them in the car for those moments on the go... the peach flavor is real good, perfect flavoring for spring.
School Snack
I send these with my son for school. He loves the taste, however he did say that he wishes they were a tad softer. I like them because they aren't one of the chocolate snacks and they are peanut free!
not bad
It wasn't too bad, taste was ok, not sure if I would purchase again, kind of a weird taste


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