Quaker Croque Nature Crostade aux pommes cereales granola

4,6 5 0 190 190 Ajoutez une touche de douceur à vos matins avec les céréales Croque NatureMC Croustade aux pommes de Quaker®, faites avec un soupçon de miel et de délicieuses pommes. Essayez-les avec du yogourt et des fruits frais pour une délicieuse collation à déguster en tout temps.
Quaker Croque Nature Crostade aux pommes cereales granola


The Taste Cannot Be Beaten
I love Quaker Harvest Crunch, not just as a cereal but also as a dry snack. This flavour makes me happy. If I do have a bowl of cereal, this is one of my two go to’s (I also eat the original flavour). As a dry snack I find you can take a small container on the road with you and eat it as opposed to chips or other less healthy items. Due to the density of the product I am able to feel satiated and do not feel the need to reach for another snack when I am done.
Always enjoy
Since very young ive ate this. Always very tastful a deliscious taste Enjoy everybite
Tastes great
Great tasting easy breakfast for those busy mornings! Not too sweet and not to bland, everyone in my family enjoys this cereal. For a family of 3 adults the box can be a bit small.
Quaker Harvest Crunch Apple Crumble Granola Cereal Add a touch of sweetness to your mornings with Quaker Harvest Crunch Apple Crumble cereal with a hint of honey and delicious apple. I enjoy with yogurt and fresh fruit
I like this cereal
I like this cereal with milk and sometimes I will put it into some vanilla yogurt.
Absolutely love this. I don’t even like almonds but I had no problem eating them in this. It’s good dry or with milk. I think it should be in more stores, maybe it’s just my location but I rarely see it around here.
Great breakfast selection!
What is not to like about this cereal. Tastes great,it's healthy and you don't have to worry about it getting soggy from the milk. It is also awesome mixed in with some yoghurt if your not that into cereal. Overall a great choice to start of your day!!
Très bon dans le yogourt
J’adore mettre ces céréales dans mon yogourt le matin avec des petits fruits. Par contre, ça prend l’humidité alors il faut l’ajouter dès qu’on est prêt à manger. Il est très rare que j’en mange dans un bol de céréales, c’est quand même sucré.
harvest crunch
very flavorful and sweet and crunchy and good taste of apple
Apples are so good
New to go cereal breakfast. So sweet and crunchy even in hot milk
I add this to my cereal every morning. My children love it too! Nutritious and filling! Anyone who loves apples and granola, will love this cereal!
Nice flavour
I would have given this a five star rating, but I wish Quaker would consider those with nut allergies or people who just do not like almonds and other nuts. While my allergy to almonds is minimal, and I can get away with eating a small amount I would much prefer being able to by Harvest Crunch with no nuts at all. Other than that it is a very good product.
Love it
Crunchy and flavorful a tad on the sweet side but great with Greek yoghurt berries and nuts
Too sweet
I love the ingredients within each bite; however, I found it too sweet. After the cereal is all eaten, the remaining milk in my bowl was all sugar milk. I ended up dumping out the milk. If you love sugar, this is the product for you.
So good!
I love this granola! It has bits of dehydrated apple, almonds, and the perfect amount of cinnamon. I love how versatile it is. You could eat it as a cereal, use it in a yoghurt parfait, or have it on its own as a snack. I have even used it as a topping for an apple crumble lol. This product always goes on sale at grocery stores in my area too which is a great bonus. I can't say enough good things!

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