4,1 5 0 317 317 Grâce à ses lames bidirectionnelles exclusives, le rasoir révolutionnaire Schick® Intuition® f.a.b.MC vous permet de vous raser sans risque dans les deux sens sans même le soulever de votre peau : les lames du haut rasent en montant, et les lames du bas rasent en descendant!
Rasoir Schick® Intuition® f.a.b
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Good Shave
Liked the razor as you can go in both directions. Got all my hairs.
Great for private areas
This razor is amazing, I have never cut myself while using nor have I ever had razor burn from it! Shaving the private area can get difficult but the double way blades make is so much easier to get into difficult spot!
Not the best Shave
I don't really use my razor both ways so did not find that this was beneficial. It did the job but did not give as smooth a shave as my regular 5blade razor.
I find this product did help because I usually use my razors both ways anyway. It was nice because I didn't have to change the direction of the razor but it was not as smooth as usual because i use the 5 blade razors regularly.
Fais bien là job demandée mais...
Produit qui rase de prêt et fait bien son travail mais attention on peut avoir une allergie . En effet après deux ou trois utilisations,certains petits boutons sont apparus faisant penser à une allergie au produit utilisé. Peau sensible s’abstenir.
Good Razor, But Pricey on Blades
I like this razor, because it's able to go forward and backwards. I do find that this razor dulls rather quickly and the blades are pricey
Not my thing
I tried this razor and was excited about the back and forth stroke capability, but I found that it just didn't give me the closest shave and became dull fairly quickly. It's a lot of plastic waste for a product that just doesn't deliver.
J'utilise déjà stick hydro j'ai aimé c'est sur par contre pour être a l'aise de l'utiliser sur les deux sens pas sur.et oui je vais racheté
Great to shave legs
I like this product to shave my legs but not great for other parts of the body.
Love it
It's so easy. Just back and forth. Close, smooth shave. If only blades weren't so expensive. It is worth it though
Good razor
I purchased this razor the bring on vacation. I always seem to rush shaving my legs and seem to nick all the time. These razors worked good. Did not nick any part of my Leg so this was a good razor for me.
A razor that is easier to use!
I really like these razors because they don’t cut my skin as easily as other razors tend to do. You can easily move these razors back and forth without being afraid of cutting your skin (but still be careful when using them).
Its not a bad razor
Blades dont last extremely long but it gives a good smooth shave . The proce point is not too bad i would use thwm again
Does the job
Isn’t my favourite razor but it does the job! MAle razors are better
Schick® Intuition® f.a.b.™ Razor
Loved this razor the three razors left my skin feel like so soft.



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