4,1 5 0 327 327 Grâce à ses lames bidirectionnelles exclusives, le rasoir révolutionnaire Schick® Intuition® f.a.b.MC vous permet de vous raser sans risque dans les deux sens sans même le soulever de votre peau : les lames du haut rasent en montant, et les lames du bas rasent en descendant!
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I received this in one of my sample boxes about 6 months ago and I was quite unsure if this even made sense to use, sceptical for sure. Didn’t much care for it the first time but I thought I’d give it another try. The more I used it, the more I liked it. It saved time for sure but shaving doesn’t take a lot anyway. I loved how smooth it left my skin and how easy it was to use.
Great product
I love this product, saves a lot of time by not having to constantly reapply shaving cream and you get better results.
Moi je suis toujours un peu maladroite et me coupe souvent mes pas avec lui
Didn't quite know what to think when I first received this product for review. Also thinking to myself, how would you use this razor without skinning yourself. It took using it a couple of times before I got the knack. I didn't feel it had a close as a shave as I thought it was awkward to use.
Awesome product
Love it. No cuts it nice or agitation. Legs are smooth
Not a fan
The handle was a nice size and fit in my hand nicel, unfortunately the blades clogged with hair easily and blades didnt seem to cut in both directions as I had lots of hair missed
Pour de belles jambes
Excellent produit de rasage grâce à ses nombreuses lames! Rase de très près pour un résultat parfait!
Shaving Minefield
So, I decided to try this new wonder product I've been hearing about and it fell gloriously far beneath my expectations. I found the fat handle was just a bit too large, I simply prefer the slimmer ones. The shaving, I was really hoping would be great however it was mediocre at best. The blades clogged with hair quickly (my hair is very fine) I had to pull hair from the razor to clear it - not impressed with that! The up/down motion was unique however I found a lot of hair was being missed. For myself, these are not for me. I do not want to have to work that hard to shave my legs and arms, it's already a chore and this razor made it worse.
Schick Intuition F.a.b Razor
A great shaving razor that comes with two pieces, the shaving tip of the razor can be disposed when you no longer want to use the same one. When you purchase the new shaving tip for the razor the price can be pretty high almost the price of the whole razor. But can come with several of them in a package. Great product otherwise.
Love it.
This cut my shaving time in half. Still a bit nervous around my ankles and knees but awesome idea. Will definitely buy again and again.
Razors for women
My daughter and I both have sensitive skin. We have to use a disposal razor since other forms of hair removal leaves us with unpleasant reminders that we should do it again. We have tried many brands and this one is the best......we now use this brand exclusively
Okay, not my favourite.
This razor does allow you to shave forward and bakwards which is nice. Saves time, especially on the legs. However, I find that other razors give you a closer shave.
Fave razor
I like this razor a lot, i find it gets a super close shave and does not give me to much of a razor burn. You can buy the heads in larger packs without the stick and i like that because it feels like less waste
Not a close shave. I didn’t much care for this product and will not purchase again. I gave it 2 stars because it’s a star above cheap disposable razor.
Better than usual brands
This razor isn't too bad, it doesn't really chop up your skin like most lady razors (I usually use men's) and it keeps your skin feeling soft



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