4,1 5 0 317 317 Grâce à ses lames bidirectionnelles exclusives, le rasoir révolutionnaire Schick® Intuition® f.a.b.MC vous permet de vous raser sans risque dans les deux sens sans même le soulever de votre peau : les lames du haut rasent en montant, et les lames du bas rasent en descendant!
Rasoir Schick® Intuition® f.a.b
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These are really good quality razors, they are my favorite go to!
I have finally found a razor that hasn't irritated my skin. I don't know if I use too much pressure when I shave my legs but I always managed to cut myself shaving. Intuition was a different story. I shaved and no cuts!
Bien mais peut être mieux.
Je trouve qu'il ne rase pas de près. La bande est trop rapide contrairement aux lames qu'ils sont trop profondes. J'ai l'impression que ça ne rase pas. Je ne recommande pas du tout.
Great shave
It does exactly what you want a razor to do, give you a close shave.
Good for thin hairs. I have tried it but it’s not for really thick or course hair. I prefer the other one with the bar soap-like one.
Effectue un superbe rasage et les les jambes douces !
Je les essayer sa rase ben Jai pas un mot à dire sur sa
Love this!
I’ve been using Schick razors for several years now and these will always be my favourite. It gives a very close shave and I rarely cut myself. I’d give it 5 stars except I find the razor head to be a bit too big. I wish it was a bit smaller so it was more “nimble” as I feel like I always miss an area around my ankles! Other than that I highly recommend!
Loved it
I have tried a lot of razors to say the least this is one of my favs after using it my legs were soft smooth and shining would highly recommend this clean smooth shave especially with summer season getting closer
Does a great job
This razor has a uniqe design and does a great job in close shave the first time using it may cause a few cuts but after that it was easy and great does the job and goes both directions
It does the job and easy to use. Most importantly, close shave! I would recommend this to anyone :)
A Close Shave
I was amazed how the blades worked extremely well in and out of the shower but i loved this razor even more when i realized i was able to go back and forth without any pulling or any cuts
Gave it to the boys.
I found it to be a bit flimsy. I gave it to the boys they enjoyed. I like this brand, just didn't enjoy this exact model. More sturdy like the cheaper ones. I would recommend to guys it works well on faces. Just not legs.
Dont like it
I love trying new things. But I tried this razor and it always cuts my skin. I end up with little cuts all over my legs. I'll stick with my regular razor
Not sold on it
I love the concept of this. Even as I was using it it felt like I was accomplishing more in less time than a regular razor. However I didn't find as smooth of a shave as my regular 5 blade razor.



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