4,7 5 0 121 121 Le rehausseur de parfum pour lessive Ivory Neige Blissfuls vous permet de profiter encore plus du parfum frais de bebe que vous aimez tant.
Rehausseur de parfum pour lessive Ivory Neige Blissfuls
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Fresh scent every use
From wash to dry, refreshingly clean. Definitely recommend!
Smells good
Amazing smell. Baby scent. Not too strong and leaves my clothes smelling fresh for weeks.
Smells amazing
Love the smell of the scent not to strong but it great I love purchasing for my daughters clothes
Love it
I have used these since before my son was born. I love the scent and it lasts awhile. I stored clothes for 6 months and when I opened the storage bin I could still smell it
Not overpowering
This bottle is sturdy. You do not need a whole capful of scent beads for the wash. It makes your clothes, sheets and towels smell wonderful. I do not find this product to be overwhelming or overpowering for smell.
Great Scent
I love scent beads of all kinds but I like a strong scent so I end up using a lot at a time. I buy these every week and mix them up in a large glass bottle. Love this product and the scent last weeks and makes the whole room smell amazing.
I really like this products, it smells really good, and smell realxing. Gets stains out fast, and leaving my clothes smelling fresh, The cost of the product is fairly cheap, and affordable
Smells so good
Love the smell - very fresh. Keeps clothes/blankets smelling fresh for weeks and did not irritate baby’s skin.
Love this stuff
I love this scent booster, used it for my babies clothes in addtion with the ivory detergent and it enhances the smell 10xs. Literally can smell it without bringing it to your face. People always ask me how I wash my kids clothes because it smells so goood and i tell them to get this!
The best
This is my most favourite scent out of all the scent booster I use. Love the baby scent.
Not my favourite
I found the scent was to strong for me even with using a small amount. I did like that her clothes had a clean smell but didn’t find the scent lasted very long
That Baby Scent
I wash my daughter's clothes and bed sheets with this and it smells great. It gives the clothes that new baby scent and leaves the clothes smelling fresh.
Sent si bon!
Ça sent tellement bon!! Ma famille adore cette odeur je dirais surtout pour les draps et serviettes, cette odeur est tout simplement sublime !! Essayer là vous verrez!
Sent bon
Sent le bonheur, excellent pour garder la bonne odeur longtemps
Je suis au paradis
Je l’ai acheté pour laver les vêtements et les vêtements sentent surprenant bon tout le monde l’adore à la maison quand on met les vêtements sa sent le bébé . Je laves mes draps et j’en met et les draps sentent bon et on s’endort bien avec une agréable parfum et parfois j’en met dans les garde robes et armoire et les tiroirs sa sent bon

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