Rehausseur de parfum pour lessive Ivory Neige Blissfuls

4,7 5 0 176 176 Le rehausseur de parfum pour lessive Ivory Neige Blissfuls vous permet de profiter encore plus du parfum frais de bebe que vous aimez tant.
Rehausseur de parfum pour lessive Ivory Neige Blissfuls


Odeur incroyable
Laisse une bonne odeur aux vêtements. Je l'utilise régulièrement
J’ai adoré !!! Laissait une très bonne odeur au vêtements et aussi merveilleux pour mettre dans des petites poches à thé et laisser dans les tiroirs ou même le garde-robe !!!
Smells awesome
Smells awesome love to use this for my baby. I loved the smell not too strong for baby clothes
All time fave find
Love ivory The crystals are gentle soft scent thats not over powering like so many perumes. I love it
Tellement bon produit
Il rehausse parfaitement l’odeur de lessive! J’adore
Je l'utilise surtout pcq je trouve que le savon ivory show ne sent plus comme auparavant et avec ceci l'odeur est plus agréable.e parfum dure longtemps aussi ! Jadore
Senteur incroyable
En plus de sa senteur incroyable, les vêtements sentent longtemps, on dirait une odeur de petit bébé
Scented laundry beads
I was disappointed in the lack of strength in scent. And the needs say they can be used with cold water but they didn’t melt and came out whole at end of wash.
Fresh baby smell
I bought these when I had a bulk supply of scent free laundry detergent, but wanted my babies clothes to smell delicious. It definitely did the trick. I would buy these all day long.
Great Product. But i didn't really like the smell as Much as the detergent Ivory snow. The Product Makes the clothes vert Soft ans smell good but not as Much as the Ivory snow.
Smells like the original Ivory newborn
I was so disappointed when Ivory changed their Newborn detergent scent, the new one gives me a headache. This smells like the original scent and the only Ivory product I will buy. Not too strong and perfect for my little one. Always takes me back to when we first brought her home. My only complaint is that I wished they had a jumbo size like the other scent boosters.
Would buy and recomend really liked this product and to give opinions about it when i've try it for free the freshness and softness not that i can think of yes i would recommend
Great scent
Great scent that last for weeks leaving my clothes smelling fresh.
love it
oh my this is the best love love it.. the only thing is i can't find it all the time i wish they start selling it at Costco
Love it
I love this product for my babys clothes. Its lightly scented and perfect for him. It doesn't cause him any rashes for his sensitive skin.

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