4,7 5 0 83 83 Le rehausseur de parfum pour lessive Ivory Neige Blissfuls vous permet de profiter encore plus du parfum frais de bebe que vous aimez tant.
Rehausseur de parfum pour lessive Ivory Neige Blissfuls
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This is a great product compared to all the scent additives out there. It definitely has that baby scent and this product lasts. The scent is light and pleasant. This product costs alittle more than the others but it is definitely worth the extra. Highly recommend.
Baby Bliss
I loved it! I now purchase it monthly and find extra ways to use the crystals to freshen garbage pails, mop heads, stored clothes, and even slip them in my throw cushions.
Ivory Snow Blissful in wash scent booster is one of my favourites. Mild and keeps my kids clothes smell nice even you keep it. I use this specially with my kids winter clothes.
Pop of scent
I love this!! Not just saying that lol.. I use it in every load.. my clothes come out smelling fantastic and the scent stays for days, weeks!!
Did not dissolve for me!
Maybe the washer I used was the wrong type but I used this product and most of the beads did not dissolve! Smelled great though. But I had to pick tons these little wet beads out of my jeans and sweaters. Then I had to clean the washer itself. I wish it worked but I'm going to stay away from these things!
Not the best
The scent for this product is strong and it really does stay well in clothing long after they have been washed. I don't really like the scent of this compared to the Gain or Unstoppables. I won't buy this again.
J'adore, j'en veux encore! Merveilleuse odeur douce!
Sa sent trop bon
J’adore cette odeur sa sent si bon !! En plus sa dure des semaines !!!
Sent super bon
J’ai adoré ce produit pour le tissu de mon bébé. Ca sentait bon partout et son linge restait beau.
Daughter loves it
My daughter loves this scent and it lasted long. She especially likes it used on her bedding
This is a good scent booster. I liked it alot. The scent last a long time and smells real good.
Loved it
Kept your clothes smelling fresh. I've tried other scents but this ivory was the freshest. The scent stays after a full days wear as well. Little expensive to purchase again after but very worth it
Love That Baby Smell
I'm a big fan of the in wash scent beads and love using them on my linens. When my son was a baby I washed all his bedding with these and they smelled amazing all the time!
Love it!
This scent booster smells amazing!! My boyfriends work socks are quite smelly and these sure do the job to fix that!
Ivory baby scent booster
I love the fresh baby scent boost it adds to laundry. Especially crawling into bed with fresh sheets. The scent is long lasting and you don't need a whole lot to make your laundry smell good

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