4,4 5 0 54 54 Offerte pour une durée limitée seulement, la sauce Mayoracha Heinz allie les goûts délicieux de la sauce sriracha, de la mayonnaise et d’un mélange d’épices spécial. Cette sauce aux amalgames de saveurs donne du piquant et se marie à merveille avec tous vos aliments préférés, comme les burgers, les frites et les hot-dogs!
Sauce Mayoracha Heinz
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Punch of heat
Delicious, I love to add the heat and taste of siracha to my sandwiches, burgers, and dips! Yum!
I LOVE this, I seriously cant get enough, it works so well on sandwiches, burgers and even macaroni! My family and I cant stop obsessing over this! Would definitely recommend.
Not a Fan
I love Mayo and I love Siracha. I was disappointed in this product. The two flavours do not go together well.
This sauce is so good on burgers adds a great kick . So glad I tried it
It great
To be honest , I was pleasantly surprised on how good it taste and with the little kick afterwards, tops it all off especially on a good burger
Spice it up!
I have to be honest that I was hesitant to try this product. I love my Heinz mayo and thought that if I tried this product it would somehow ruin it for me. I was so wrong. I love it. There is just the right amount of "kick". I use it on my hamburgers and recently tried it on hotdogs! Awesome product!
same wonderful taste of mayonnaise but with an amazing spicy after taste with an unexpected taste to keep you wanting more
All In One, Ready To Go!
We often make spicy mayo at home so we were delighted to find this product at the grocery store. It's great with Fries, California Rolls, and anything that you would like to add spicy mayo to!
Awesome! Goes great with everything! The kids just love this
more than just a dip
I have many uses for this product. I dip my fries, use on hamburgers and hotdogs and also use in my meatloaf
Awesome Taste
Taste’s very Yummy 😋 This product is much better then I thought
Great flavour
It was spicier than anticipated but packed a punch of flavour. Great to enjoy with sweet potato fries, chicken, hotdogs and much more. This is now a staple at our household.
Spice and nice
This product was on the shelves of my local grocery store. I bought it as we all love the spice and who doesn't like mayo? This is a perfect blend of both. Everyone in my house loves and enjoys the mayoracha
Bon mais pas un incontournable
Cest bon, un peu piquant. Mais ce nest pas un incontournable a avoir dans son frigo
Overall great taste not too dry
I would make one hotter Great for making shredded chicken sandwiches, potatoe salad and hamburgers.



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