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Secret Therapeutique Ultra Propre
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Best ever
I have never tried anything like it before. It really works extremely well. It may be pricier than other deos but it is worth it and u dont have to pile it on like some other deos. Lasts long and keeps u fresh. Definitely recommend
I love this product, Put it on in the morning and it lasts all day at work. No reapplying. No residue and a nice smell.
The antiperspirant I use on a regular basis
I use Secret Clinical Completely Clean Invisible Solid Antiperspirant on a regular basis, because it's more effective at minimizing underarm sweating than some of the other antiperspirants I have tried. I purchase it when it goes on sale.
Smells Great, Works even better
I find in the summer I sweat more (obviously lol) I tried this a couple summers ago and was so amazed at how well it works. It really does provide 24hour protection against wetness and odor, smells great and doesn't leave any white marks on my clothes. This is probably my favourite deodorant out of all the Secret ones available.
Only one I use!
This product is the absolute best! I began using it about 5ish years ago and will not switch to using anything else!
Favourite deodorant
This is the only deodorant I will use! No other deodorants actually work for me so I consistently buy this one. It costs a little more than regular deodorant but I think the extra cost is totally worth it. Keeps the stink away even when playing sports or in hot weather.
My go-to
My all time favourite deodorant! I struggled with sweating due to stress for a long time and nothing worked. When I finally found this product, my whole life was changed! No more sweat marks on my shirt, even when under so much stress! Highly recommended product!
Only deodorant I use because it is the only one that works. Only one that keeps me fresh and it smells good too.
I have tried this deodorant but I miss the waterproof version!
Secret Clinical is the only deodorant that works for me. 5 stars!
Secret Clinical is so good for those who need something better than average antiperspirant. It works better than other clinical brands and much better than any standard antiperspirant, without having to re-apply throughout the day
I tried the sporty one I think it is called and I luved it. Never have to worry about odor. Best product ever
I swear by Secret Clinical grade for really really hot days and if you sweat profusely / above average amount. Honestly you can apply just before use or the night before (as directed by box), and performance is equal, in my opinion. A bit 'powdery' ./ 'baby powdery' in texture and smell (the smell is a bit outdated..if they could make it a 'cooler, younger' scent, it would be 5*) but not offensive enough to notice. The best and strongest grade of protection I can recommend, you will notice a decrease in sweat / wetness. Noticeably superior to Degree, Dove, Lady Speed Stick, reg. Secret.
Great product. It feels good and lasts all day and night.
Best Secret product! I don't worry when I'm wearing this.



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