4,2 5 0 99 99 Melange chocolat et noix. La collation au melange parfait d'ingredients. Shreddies au miel, granola, arachides grillees au miel, amandes et morceaux de chocolat.
Shreddies Pause-matin
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Shreddies Morning Break
Ond of my favorite snacks! We also loves taking these for car snacks on road trips.
Je n'achète que très rarement des produits de déjeuner/collation prêt à emporter. J'ai essayé celui-ci dans le cadre d'une promotion. J'ai été agréablement surprise par le mélange des saveurs, tout comme mon mari. Il m'a d'ailleurs demandé d'en acheter de nouveau.
Love this product! My husband and daughter can not get enough of both the cranberry and dark chocolate ones, perfect for an on the go family.
Je les adores, mais dans ma region on les a eu pour une durée limité on en trouve malheuresement plus nul part....
these are so good that why I would love to have more of these
Great snack to bring to work. Perfect amount of everything and mixed together flavours. Yum!
Very convenient size for a quick snack. Has a good combination of flavours. I happened to find this product at Dollartree and thought what could I loose, And I must say I would pay more to have this product in my pantry if I am going to be running around the city, and have it in my car for a hunger tamer. I'm interested to know if they will introduce new options.
Awesome snack idea for when you are feeling hungry but do not have time to make something.
Nov 2015 Love Shreddies Morning Break, always keep a pack on me for when I get peckish, and want my Chocolate fix, very tasty, August 2016 where have Shreddies morning breaks gone to both Sobeys and Atlantic superstore have stopped selling them ??
Buy these all the time. Great for on the go snack and breakfasts. just a little bit of chocolate to sweeten the pack. these are great!
Love this product. It is great as a mid morning snack. It fills you up happily. The chocolate pieces in the packgae are a good size and dark chocolate as well. Hope this product stays around.
I tried a sample while out shopping and loved them! Loved the taste! Bought them the same day! Great snack on-the-run, or after school snake for the kids!
As a mother I feel good about giving this product to my child as a snack. Best of all she just loves loves loves them.
yummy, convenient and healthy. satisfies my sweet tooth and savory tooth
Très bon !!!! une belle petite collation avec des petit morceaux de chocolat!!!!



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