3,9 5 0 47 47 Offrez à votre café un petit bonheur à saveur tropicale, avec toute la douceur de la noix de coco.
Silk pour café Noix de coco Originale
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Not for me
I love coconut flavored things so I thought I'd try this. I was not a fan of this at all. It made my coffee taste really weird and just didn't taste like coffee anymore. The texture and everything else was fine, but just not for me.
I love this product!
I have been using this product for years. specifically the hazelnut flavour. i personally enjoy more on the sweeter side than bitter side. while using this product my coffee does not require any extra sugar or sweetener. It’s a healthy alternative. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT
Great morning addition
I was pleasantly surprised that I needed to same amount if Silk creamer to achieve the same results as dairy creamer
Nice alternative
I love coconut so this product comes home with me sometimes. I am a little disappointed at how quickly it curdles, a few times it is already cuddled when I purchased it, and the oil sitting on top of my coffee. It tastes Amazing though.
Perfect in my coffee
I like this creamer.The taste is great.I buy the almond vanilla.
I really enjoyed the coconut flavor in my coffee but I found it curdles easily.
It was ok
I liked the overall taste of silk creamer, I like my coffee a little creamier so it was an adjustment. Overall it’s a good product if you’re vegan or limiting g your dairy intake. These dairy replace the products are getting better and better. I’d probably try it again.
Great if fresh
I bought this for my brother and sister in law who are vegan. I enjoyed the taste of it so after they left I used multiple times until it turned way before the expiry date and only a few days after opening. It had large chunks in it. Really gross to be honest.
Good Dairy Free Alternative
I love the richness of coffee cream in my coffee, but struggled to find a good dairy free alternative. This is one of the best I've found - it is not sweet and doesn't have a strong taste of coconut, but still isn't as thick as I'd like. All in all, a good alternative.
So Good
I love this product! I'm not a huge coffee fan but with dairy free creamer I drink a coffee every morning
I like the size of it because trust me you don't have to put so much in your coffee. I expected it to have more coconut taste to it but it is more like a coconut water then a coconut milk
Yummy and good for you
I loved this product. It worked great in my coffee and no longer need sweetener. A great healthy choice
Not a fan
Did not enjoy this milk free alternative creamer as much as some others on the market.
Great coffee whitener. Adds just a hint of sweetness and super creamy! Love it!
really great
Love silk in coffee and tea . Very good and healthy too.


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