SimplyProtein® Nut & Fruit Bar – Dark Chocolate Cherry Almond

4,5 5 0 62 62 BarNotre barre SimplyProtein® Noix et Fruit Chocolat noir amande cerise offre un succulent mariage de saveurs douces, comme des cerises acidulées véritables accompagnées de somptueuses pépites de chocolat noir et d’amandes vé SimplyProtein Noix et Fruit – Chocolat noir amande cerise
SimplyProtein® Nut & Fruit Bar – Dark Chocolate Cherry Almond


Too dry
This protein dark chocolate almond bar was dry and fell apart too easily. It lacked flavour and was hoping that it had more to it. I was eating this bar in the car and it crumbled too fast that it made a mess on the car seat. It made me disappointed. Normally, protein bars stay together and are firm. Overall, I would not recommend regardless. It definitely needs work in the texture and flavouring.
I really liked the barely sweet taste of these tender bars.The mixture of nuts, fruits and chocolate is always an excellent snack choice, I love it.A little boost of energy to wait until the next meal
Tastes great
Delicious snack and healthy snack, if you are on the go or prior to a workout. The entire family enjoyed the taste and we love the fact that there are not many ingredients. I definitely recommend it.
Delicious for the sweet tooth
I love these a treat, especially as an after dinner sweet tooth satisfier. The texture really gives you the feeling that you're having a puffed rice sweet treat, and it's actually healthy for you!
Ces barres sont délicieuses tout en apportant une quantité intéressante de protéines ! Peut-être un peu trop de sucre mais tellement bonne !
I really like this brand of bars over all because of the general low sugar and high protein quality of each bar. Although I’m not as much of a fan of cherry this was pretty good. It has a nice crispy texture that makes it feel like you’re eating something without too much chocolate on it. It’s easy to throw in your purse and not have to worry as much about it melting as you would have to worry about a normal protein bar. These are often dietician approved
Une barre a racheter
J’ai bien aimé son goût et sa m’a permis de bien calmer ma faim pour poursuivre ma journée jusqu’au souper.
Bon goût
Bonne collation, bon goût et croquant. Contient moins de calories que plusieurs marques remplie de sucre
The best
These Simply bars are the best i have eaten. They don't taste cheap like some others. Love the dark chocolate , almonds and cherries. A fast pick me up that i have in my purse. I also pack when travelling. YOu won't be dissapointed
I love on the go snacks and my favourite is a granola bar! These are awesome with all the ingredients I like, nuts chocolate fruit and wholesome grains! Definitely worth the money!
Love !
I love all the bars from this brand. They have a good amount of protein but are lower in carbs then a lot of others and taste great. Not too sweet.
Nice flavour combination
I really liked the flavour combination of the cherry and the dark chocolate. These aren't as overly sweet as some bars which is a definite plus. I especially appreciate the hunger satisfying protein content. It's a great bar to keep on hand for when you might otherwise be tempted to grab a fast food meal. This protein bar willl satisfy!
great tasting snack bars
We buy these granola bars quite often for ourselves and our children. We all love the flavors in these granola bars. They aren't too sticky for my children to hold in their hands. They taste great and are not too sweet.
Go-to for snacks
I love eating protein bars for snacks because it keeps me satisfied. Gave simply protein a try and it keeps me full!
Not bad
This has lots of protein and minimal sugar. Even though it didn't taste too sweet, unfortunately it tasted a little bit too tart for my liking.


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