4,2 5 0 11 11 La limonade comme on la faisait autrefois. Cette limonade primée est un classique avec une touche d’originalité.
Sirop Biologique SodaStream Soda Press Arôme de Limonade Traditionelle
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Very refreshing, an amazing addition to the soda stream inventory. Love it.
Light and perfect!
My biggest complaint about most flavourings is that they are so concentrated and I almost always add too much by accident. I know that this being thinner and less concentrated is a negative for many, but it's perfect for me!
C’est bon mais pas pour en acheté une caisse seulement a l’occasion
Soda press
These are great for adding to sparkling water, very refreshing and slightly more affordable than other brands...a good variety of flavors
Have to use more
The syrup is not as thick as other syrups and you end up using more. Also had a bitter taste
Not for me
I was excited to finally find a different flavour for the use of our soda stream, however, I was left disappointed. I felt you needed to use quite a bit of it to actually get a good flavour out it. Was ok, glad I tried it but won’t be purchasing again.
Great option for flavouring water
Love this flavour syrup and that it’s way less sugar content than a lot of competitors. Tastes nice and light
Not overly sweet
I love this new line of Sodastream products as they are really low on sugar. My new favourite is the Blueberry and Lime flavour. My friend is in love with the Blonde Cola. Tastes like cola but without the sugar.
a must try
Very delicious and many more flavours. I love that it’s all natural.
I have not tried this product, but this seem like a product I would be very interested in trying.
I haven’t tried this product but I do have a sofa machine and have tried other products that I thought were really good.



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