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Smartfood® Indulgence Chocolat Noir Séduisant et Nappage de Framboise
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Was disappointed
I was very disappointed to try this popcorn indulgence after family had recommended it. The mix between chocolate and raspberry (which was very artificial tasting) was SUPER sweet and it overpowered the taste of the popcorn.
my fave popcorn flavour
its a good flavour combination and its such a light snack that can be enjoyed without you feeling guilty
Great Flavor!
This snack is great if you love sweet and savory combined. Personally I loved the raspberry flavor! The only reason I did not give this 5/5 stars is that I wish the popcorn could be a little saltier.
Thought it would be better
I had this last year. I was stoked to find it. I love chocolate and popcorn but I wasn’t too impressed with it. There isn’t much in the bag. And for the price it was not worth it. The popcorn was fresh tasting at least.
Best snack ever
It has everything. Crunch, sweet, tart... decadent treat for sure!!!!
This is the only way to eat popcorn! Love it, & for once, someone has found a way to make raspberry taste like raspberry, & not that yucky artificial taste so many chocolate products have. Way to go Smartfood!!!
Amazing mix of flavours!
I've tried this smart food once in the past and have been on the search for more ever since!!! Its a very lovely sweet mix of flavours on the popcorn, and as a huge fan of the flavour raspberry I gotta say this does the trick!!
This is so good I ate the whole bag in one sitting. Crunchy and sweet. The two necessities in food.
Couldnt stop eating
Absolutely delicious! So happy I gave this a try. It has become a guilty please for myself and my mom. The perfect combination of sweet and salty. Popcorn just stepped up its game
This is one of my favourite things to snack on. They taste amazing and fills that sweet tooth cravings with a low calorie intake. Makes a good snack during those movie nights with your babe.
Very Tasty
I wasnt sure I was going to like this product, but I actually like this product. It is a very yummy sweet treat. I should definitly get some more. I would recommend this to anyone.
Incredible Indulgence!
I love this! I currently have 2 bags of this stashed in our pantry! These are not always easy to find in stores near me, but my family knows I love it and whenever they find it they either ask me if I want them to pick some up or message me where I can find it for myself.
Great mix of flavours
Smartfood has THE best popcorn. The kernels are fresh and light, and the flavour combination here is amazing. Awesome treat !
would rather have caramel and chocolate flavor. this product has too much of a fake flavor
Dark chocolate and raspberry.... what could be better? The ultimate indulgence for a snack. Hard to not eat the whole bag in one sitting. Definitely will be buying this again...



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