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Snuggle Rehausseurs de parfum
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Love these scent laundry boosters
Love that these are easy to use. Great value on price. Makes clothes come out smelling fresh and clean. The scent lasts a long time. The pod completely dissovles in the washer so no residue. My laundry room smells great as well!
I was happy with using this product but not sold in many stores
Snuggle Boosters
Snuggle Boosters are the bomb!! I honestly wish they made a bigger container of them. :/ They work wonders!!
I love how this makes my clothes smell. It is so convenient.
Love the long lasting smell it leaves on our clothes.
I'm addicted to the scent of this product! What more can I say?
My favorite booster. I use the purple one especially when I wash my bed sheets and comforter. It has such a nice smell
I like all Snuggle products because the scents are incredible. My husband likes a lot of scent on his clothes because he thinks it means that the clothes are clean. I used the Snuggle scent booster on his clothes and he loves it. He is happy with the long lasting scent. I am happy too because Snuggle makes it so easy to use the product. It is already packaged into little pacs. One pac will leave your clothes smelling fresh.
These smell so good and leave ur clothes smelling longer. I just wish that they made with their Vanilla scented softner
I use Snuggle fabric softener regularly and I am very excited to try the Snuggle scent boosters. I have tried other scent booster in which I have to measure out the amount I want to use. With the Snuggle one, it is already in an individual pac. I just toss one pac into the washer to release the scents. No more little beads on the floor. Snuggle gives my laundry a long lasting clean fragrance.
Best thing to have on ha d when you find your towels start to smell musty. I used it the other day when i had forgotten my wet towels in the washer for a day. It makes your load smell so good👍
I love these!! They smell so good and they are long lasting.
I love snuggle scent boosters. They dissolve good in the wash and have a long lasting scent.
Snuggle has developed a really nice, light scent with this one. It lasts for weeks on my towels. No problem with dissolving in my top loading washer.
I love these! They are so easy to carry around and store, no more spills! They smell so fresh and leave fabric so soft! These are my go-to product for laundry care. I definitely prefer these pods to carrying out heavy liquid that tends to spill.


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