Softsoap® Orchid & Coconut Milk Hand Wash Plus Lotion

4,5 5 0 56 56 * Le seul savon pour les mains avec un soupçon de lotion * Laisse les mains douces et procure une grande sensation de propreté * Riche parfum d’orchidée et de lait de coco
Softsoap® Orchid & Coconut Milk Hand Wash Plus Lotion


So yummy smelling and always keeps my hands clean, and like the name suggests, soft. The price is right with this brand, plus the also sell large replacement soap bottles to just refill what you already have, less plastic waste!
I love this soap it keeps your hands moisturized. The smell is also nice!
nice and thick wonderful light smell lingers
silky smooth nice light smell lingers after washing leaves your hands soft and moisturized
First, this hand soap smells amazing! I received the orchid and coconut milk hand wash that has a touch of lotion. I placed it in the kitchen where I do the majority of my hand washing with meal prep, etc. I noticed softer hands right away, but especially after a week of use. I really like the scent and how soft my hands are after use, and I love that I'm not left with a greasy feeling.
My go to hand soap, I love the smell and the luxurious texture leaves my hands soft and moisturized.
I wash my hands several times a day and it leaves my hand so smooth. wonderful smell
Love the scent of this hand soap. Very hydrating on your hands, leaves your skin feeling squeaky clean. Suds up very nicely too and washes off with ease.
Very nice liquid soap for your bathroom. leaves a pleasant feeling on skin and its scent stays a while
J'ai achetée le savon Softsoap a main a l'odeur Orchid & lait de Coconut Milk. Pour moi j'aime bien le savon Softsoap je l'aime bien mais celui là l'odeur était trop forte pour moi.
Mm smells beautiful. All the family like the smooth feel of the soap and kids were happy to wash their hands
This is the best Nad soap I have used, it leaves my hands feeling so soft and my fiancee has never had sober hands either!
This is a good hand wash easy to dispense and has a nice smell orchid and coconut milk. Its also a good size bottle.
Im usually the first too buy something new when it hits the shelves! I was so amazed how wonderful this product smelled. It has such a nice light floral fragrance with a nice smooth scent of coconuts. It hydrates very well on my hands and It does not leave a sticky residue when you apply it. I have used this on my face and have zero issues of breaking out which is a huge plus!! It cleans very well also. My son uses this everyday after washing his hands and it cleans all the oils and dirt right up. Love the added lotion option in this hand wash. Defiantly a big improvement in this wash!! Love it!!
je l'ai essayer vraiment je l'aime pas chacun ses gout,moi il faut pas trop de parfum
Yes softsoaop hand wash is great It is very nice for soft hand mostly i try to use for my hand soft soap product it is great


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