4,6 5 0 37 37 Soyez votre propre barista à la maison avec le café glacé Starbucks® de torréfaction moyenne. Cette boisson haut de gamme au café est non sucré et est préparée avec soin à partir de grains 100 % arabica pour vous offrir un goût velouté et équilibré.
Starbucks Café Glacé Torréfaction Moyenne Non Sucré
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Tastes great
Nice alternative to hot coffee in the summer. Tastes great for making at home, have purchased multiple bottles.
I really liked this especially when I added creamer to it. It tasted as good as getting one from Starbucks.
this is a perfect cold brew. Tastes fresh and makes a perfect iced coffee. The price is reasonable and ends up saving money making my own iced coffee with this product. Would recommend
Just as good
This is terrific. More affordable and less time in drive through Would recommend
So delicious! I blended it with ice and a bit of vanilla milk and took it to the beach. Amazing treat! A bit expensive but cheaper than going to Starbucks!
Starbucks iced coffee
Good coffee! Purchased as a two pack at Costco and will definitely buy it again!
Fav summer drink
In the summer, this is my husband and my favourite summer drink. We purchase it in bulk at Costco. We sweeten it up with Boost or chocolate milk.
A Must Try!
A must-try cold coffee for coffee lovers! This medium roast was packed with energy and flavour. It’s easy to grab and go container made drinking and recycling easy. Perfect for the busy on-the-move business women and mom like myself. Two thumbs up!
I purchase the three pack from costco, great for Starbucks lovers and I like that it doesn’t taste bitter at all! Great with soy milk
Great iced coffee
So excited when I saw this. So so yummy either black with a little syrup or with some cream. Perfect over ice. Easy and delicious
Perfect coffee at home
Love having the cold brew at home! - not too strong of a coffee which is good. I usually drink it with ice, and Carmel drizzle to try and create my own “iced caramel macchiato”
Finally Iced Starbucks right at HOME!
Same delicious taste but now able to have it on hand at home!
Excellent café
Excellent café , nous avons essayer au blender avec de la creme glacé a la vanille et cest sensationnel ! Nous avons adoré ,nous acheterons a nouveau c'est certain !
Easy at home cold brew
I live in a small student house and I never give myself enough time in the morning to get ready and make coffee, this makes it super easy and it tastes great!
so good
loved this- just add a small amount of flavoured creamer and I'm in heaven