4,3 5 0 21 21 Taboulé dans une rafraîchissante vinaigrette au citron.
Summer Fresh® Taboulé
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This flavour tastes really good and fresh. You can tell Summer Fresh using good ingredients into their products
I don't always have time to make my own salads and the Summer fresh Tabouleh is a perfect salad to replace my homemade ones. It was delicious and enjoyed by everyone in my family!
I tried Tabouleh when I was looking for a quick and convenient meal. I was in a rush and it seemed like a perfect option for me. I have to admit, I wasnt a fan. It tasted really salty and I had a hard time finishing the meal. I think that I would have liked it more as a side dish rather than as a meal on it's own. It would be a complement to a nice protein, like chicken.
Tasty salad, would buy again, convenient when I do not have a lot of time. Great for a picnic too.
I really liked this. I was worried that it would be either too oily or too dry, but it had great texture and taste. It will be in my shopping cart again.
This is a very tasty Tabouleh....love it!! Flavour is just right, makes you want more!!!!! Yum!Yum!
This was very tasty for pre packaged Tabouleh! Definitely would buy again for the times we cannot make our own!
Taste is great. I eat it with my salads. Another great product from Summer Fresh!
j'aime bien le taboulé et celui ci est tres bon bref je vais en acheter a nouveaux
Très très bon et rafraichissant en couche, j'aime beaucoup !
I buy this every other day. Healthy and tasty snack. One of my favourite salads. However sometimes its not in stock in metro and never in stock in no frills! A little bit exspensive
I had never had pre-packaged tahouleh before this so I have was concerned it would be really oily or taste of preservatives, but I was pleasantly surprised.
Très bon produit, nous avons tous aimés le goût en accompagnementé
I love this tabouleh, just the right amount of vinegar/oil ratio. tastes amazing on warm pita or naan bread by itself or with hummus! yum yum yum
Delicious. Great purchase and recommend you try it.


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