4,3 5 0 109 109 Sunlight® Oxi Action™ Sachets Action aide à éliminer la graisse, les taches et les aliments cuits au four sans pré-rinçage
Sunlight® Lave-Vaisselle Oxi Action Citron Frais 55ct
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Did the job!
I tried this product for the first time two months ago and was pleased with the results in comparison to some of the other more costly options.
Love these
Love this product did an awesome job didn't have to rinse my dishes. Left no residue. Will definitely buy these again
Sunlight pods
No residue left on dishes, easy to use. Was in sale at the time, glad I purchased it
Great product
I never have to rinse my dishes first and they always come out so clean . Very happy !
Works great!
This is the only dishwasher soap I buy. I don’t rinse my dishes, and they come out clean every time.!!! Can’t beat the value either - cheaper than other leading brands but works the same or better. Like the Ocean Mist scent better.
Sunlight pods
Worked pretty good. Cut through all the grease and food. My dishes came out clean and shiny!! Which is awesome, cause I hate washing dishes by hand hahaha. Definitely worth trying.
Action packed
It removes the grease easily and surpeingke I didn’t have to ore rinse it . It did the job well done !
Sunlight dishwasher detergent
Love how crystal clean the dishes get and the lemon smell
Oh non!!
Personnellement, je n'ai pas aimé ce produit puisqu’il restait coller dans la porte du lave-vaisselle et se dessoudait pas très bien.
Vraiment bon
Je n’ai pas vu de difference avec le cascade et beaucoup moins cher. Il yen a souvent à $4.00 au dollarama et ça vaut vraiment la peine a ce prix.
Won't purchase again
This is by far the worst dishwasher pod I have used. My dishes can out dirty and half of the pod had melted onto my dishes, making me have to re-run the cycle. I wouldn't recommend this.
Does the job
This product is not bad, it's not my go to but it gets the job done. You have to make sure the holder of the dishwasher is dry or it will stick and make a paste.
Sparkling clean
Sunlight pods are great. No measuring just place the pod in the dishwasher cubbie and go. Your dishes will come out sparkling clean with no residue. Sunlight is my new favourite product.
A great sense.
Love how this product makes my glassware sparkle and shine.
Good stuff
I like it. I usually use quantum. Buy these are pretty good to.



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