4,3 5 0 103 103 Sunlight® Oxi Action™ Sachets Action aide à éliminer la graisse, les taches et les aliments cuits au four sans pré-rinçage
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Not good in hard water
I bought this but sadly one did not work in out hard water .
Leaves my dishes clean and my dishwasher smelling nice
Sunlight Dishwashing tabs
I recently starting purchasing Sunlight dishwashing tabs it does a excellent job in cleaning dish and Keeping them shiny the Oxiclean helps in removing Tough stains
It cleans so well! Low cost makes it that much better
One of the best
I found the Sunlight tabs to be in my top 2 best. I was very surprised at the outcome compared to the other leading brand. Sunlight was better.
Best Dishwasher Detergent!
I really enjoy this product for my dishwasher! It works great and never leaves any streaks or marks on my dishes like most other products do. I have switched to this product permanently now!
Sunlight improves cleaning
I have use Sunlight detergent off and on for many years. At the trailer I was looking for something easy . With the addition of oxyclean most stains I had to either soak or scrub before now come clean.
Great product
I’ve used this product several times & am very happy with the results. Really cuts the grease on my dishes & they come out squeaky clean every time.
Shiny dishes always!
I bought a bag of it back in January and I am pleased with it, my dishes come out sparkling clean, specially the cutlery. it is very effective removing the toughest grease. The lemon scent is nice and subtle.
i love sunlight products,presently using the liquid detergent and its wash clean all my clothes leaving it sparkling.Sunlight products are nice product and usually with nice fragrance.*****
Doesn’t live up to its competition at all. Are usually have to use two of these and still not happy with the outcome
I don’ know how adding oxi to dishwater detergent would change it’s cleaning power. Dishes can’t hold water like fabric nor are they soaking in water. I just don’t get how it would work. Sorry.
I love the smell of Sunlight. It always reminds me of the summer!



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