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I love almost every product from the nyx comestic line but this product did not do it for me... I don’t like the applicateur I prefer using a brush than the product it self. The colors are great like always and the price is decent
Great Gloss
This gloss is super pigmented and nice, I find it does leave a bit of stickiness but that’s to be expected with glosses. They also have a really good shade range.
I tried it its not really my style
I purchased this and I ended up not loving it I got rid of it right away. It's kinda expensive for this brand I could have gotten something I loved for the price.
Seul produit qui tiens vraiment j’adore les produit nyx
I like the glossy look. Looks so fresh looking and I'm going to buy it again when I need to.
amazing quality
these are such an amazing quality and very pigmented and love the shape of them for lining the lips and filling them in so easy and they last 4 hours which i am ok with and they have such a huge shade range to choose from and supper affordable
Nice colors, light gloss
I tried the light brown in this lipstick brand and I really like it. It does provide a nice light gloss. Not a wet glossy look but I like shine gloss which is nice. Its smooth when you apply it and lasts a couple hours for me. I do need to re-apply it throughout the day which is fine. I do wish there was more options in colors too choose from. I love my lipstick and love different shades too choose from. Cost is very affordable as well. I bought it for $6 onsale.
This lip gloss is pretty and moisturizing. I love the colors and that NYX is cruelty free. Great price as well.
Je le trouve sublime ! La couleur est belle, la tenu est parfaite, l'application est merveilleuse!
Long Lasting
Loving this... It lasts the whole work day, doesnt smudge on cups in the lynch room!! Perfect
Mmm mmm lips
Nice and glossy but not sticky. Leaves your lips.feeling amazing and doesn't feel.sticky at all
Love Nyx and love this product
I love the lightweight feel of this product. I’m not usually a big fan of glossy lipsticks because of how heavy they are but this one is great and comes in quite a few colours, though I’d like to see some more pink/mauve and some more colours in general. I love how pigmented it is which is also hard to find in a glossy lipstick. Overall, loving this product and it’s the kind of product you want to buy 5 of each colour incase it gets discontinued 😅
best for the lips looks so shiny and complete easy to apply its slippery texture helps to apply fast
Glossy is right
Thisbleaves a wonderful shine and makes your lips feel great
This is amazing stuff I will be trying all the colors



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