4,4 5 0 47 47 Fibres de source naturelle pour la santé digestive.
Supplément quotidien de fibres Soin digestifMC de Jamieson
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I have tried other digestive products, but get bloating, so I would like to try this to compare, as I have read the reviews and find them favorable! If you would send me a sample, I would love to try it!
Would like to try this. Have used others in the past. Can never have enough fibre. Lol
J’adore jamieson, bon produit!!! A essayer nous avons tous besoin de soins digestifs dans notre pharmacie!
I have not tried this product. As I do suffer from digestive issues, I will definitely give this product a try.
I don't drink milk do this might be good for me.Like to try it.
i would love to try this product thank you. I tried other fiber supplements so i could compare. .
I have been looking for something to help with my digestive system and I love everything I have read about this product so far. I would love to try it out before buying it in store.
Seria super para mi nesecito algo de esto. Me gustaria mucho probarlo y saber mas de este producto
Would like to try this because most fibre products I’ve tried caused bloating and then I cannot take it. If I can try and it and it helps would be a returning customer
I like supplements. This one seems just like what I'd be looking for when it comes to some good nutrition.
I'd like to try this so I could compare it to what I've used in the past and to see if it would work out to be a little easier on the wallet.
I would love to try this product, so please send me a sample!
I have not tried this, I would be very interested can you send me a free sample that would be great
PluS je veillie pluS je pense à prendre des vitamine,je nest encore jamais essayers se genre de produits,Ses une tres Bonne occasion de l'essayer 🤞
Have not tried this yet but would like to try this product please send me a sample of this



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