The INKEY List Baume nettoyant à l’avoine

4 5 0 78 78 Commencez votre nettoyage du bon pied avec ce baume démaquillant, intensément hydratant et apaisant. Il contient de l’avoine colloïdale apaisante pour adoucir la peau et des grains d’avoine pour réduire les rougeurs et les irritations de surface visibles.
The INKEY List Baume nettoyant à l’avoine


Works great for the price
I love it, it removes make up and works great. It’s also really afordable
Great product but a bit messy to use
I tried this product a few years ago and it was the first oil cleanser I tried. It performs well as a cleanser. I have dry skin and the oat in it did calm my skin when it felt irritated. My only concern is it melted down when I was in hot climates making usage a bit messy. Other than that it is an amazing product.
I like it, but it leaves residue
I love the inkey list for their prices. However, the oat cleansing balm left a balmy residue on my face after using it. It's not bad like I'll throw it out, but it makes me want to use micellar waters, which don't leave anything behind.
Affordable and works great
This was a really good cleanser. I have acne and combination skin and have tried multiple cleansers. This one was great because it was gentle and does the job. It is also affordable.
This product is pretty good. It’s really cheap and it does it job at removing makeup and cleaning the skin. The only cons is that the product separate in the packaging so instead of getting the balm theirs oil coming out of the bottle.
Not for sensitive mature skin
I wanted to like this. I’m in my mid forties so need extra moisture but this just left a thick film (even with a second cleanse) and I ended up breaking out which is not something anyone wants. Especially since I haven’t been a teenager for decades! Frustrating
Smooth Result
I tried this product for a few months, and it's very good. It gives a nice, smooth finish and it actually lasts for a long time. It does not smell anything, but it's a great purchase for a skin care product.
Works well but feels weird
The product does exactly what it says it does and works great - it removes makeup and other impurities when washing you face. However, the consistency can be a bit odd. I feel as if I need to shake it all up before using because it can be liquidy or chunky. Likely the ingredients don't mix well which causes this. But the ingredient list is amazing and clean and wonderful for your skin. Especially for the price, overall this is a pretty good product.
Affordable cleansing balm
I purchased two tubes of this product, it is affordable and you get a good amount of product in each tube. The balm felt pretty standard, it wasn't as effective in removing eye makeup and it does leave an oily film on the skin so I definitely recommend double cleansing with a water-based cleanser afterwards. It can be difficult getting the product out of the tube packaging as it is quite thick and I also noticed the product separates. Overall it is an affordable product that gets the job done.
Not for very sensitive skin
If you have really sensitive skin, I would recommend a rice-based cleanser as opposed to oats. This did the job however my face was still a bit irritated, it is a very affordable product however
Must have Inky Oat cleanser!
Omg ! You guys ! If you havent tried the Inky list at sephora and need a new cleanser that does it all and leaves your skin feeling sift, radiant & moisturized! This is a must have cleanser! & the price is so affordable I love this cleanser my skin litterallly has never looked better ! So WHAT ARE YOU WAITING WWAITING FOR! TRY IT NOW !! GET IT ! IT WORTH IT!
Too oily.
Average facial cleanser personally... felt it left an oily residue on my skin, and was okay on makeup removal. I got the whole line. Overall, i would recommend the line for others.
Great Product for first cleanse
I use this in a 2 step evening cleansing along with the Fulvic acid cleanser. This helps loosen any makeup and sunscreen. I find it best to apply this to dry skin. You gotta kind work it in your hands a bit to warm it up and it turns more liquidy. No water before or during cleansing, only to rinse it off. Then I follow up with the foaming cleanser, fulvic acid cleanser, to finish washing it all off. Skin feels properly cleaned yet still supple.
Mature skin
I wanted a cleanser that would nourish my mature skin but still remove my makeup. This cleanser is wonderful and makes my skin soft.
I am always looking at skincare products to see if there’s anything that could become a new staple. I tried this product out and loved the way that it felt on my skin. It’s great to remove makeup and leaves your skin feeling smooth and refreshed. I don’t know if I would consider this item to be a staple, but I definitely enjoyed it and would recommend it!


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