The INKEY List Baume nettoyant à l’avoine

4 5 0 78 78 Commencez votre nettoyage du bon pied avec ce baume démaquillant, intensément hydratant et apaisant. Il contient de l’avoine colloïdale apaisante pour adoucir la peau et des grains d’avoine pour réduire les rougeurs et les irritations de surface visibles.
The INKEY List Baume nettoyant à l’avoine


The facial nourisher
This cleansing balm is now partbof my dayskin routine. This product melts away makeup and absorbs excess oil without drying or stripping skin. It also includes an important ingredient: colloidal oatmeal in order to visibly reduce redness and soothes irritated skin. This formula seems to match mixed and oily skin types. I strongly recommend it!
I love all ordinary products. This one was disappointing. Vaseline like and hard to get off
Great gentle exfoliating cleanser
I love this stuff! I have sensitive skin that is prone to reacting to a lot of products but I’ve never had an issue with this oat cleansing balm. The oat is so soothing for sensitive skin and it has just the right amount of exfoliating beads. This doesn’t dry out my skin so it never feels tight after cleansing, just clean and fresh. I but this stuff over and over. I’m also a little lazy, so I have one in my shower and one by my sink so I never go a day without using it.
Not for sensitive skin
I really wanted to love this product but my skin broke out so bad when using it. I even tried to use again and it was even worst then the first time.
Excellent gel nettoyant
Excellent nettoyant qui se vend à un prix plus que raisonnable pour la quantité offerte dans le tube.
Well priced does the job
Does the job and removes makeup while not being harsh on skin. Both my husband and I use it. Well priced but far from luxurious and the packaging is ugly.
amazing cleanser!!! best price too
This cleanser is amazing! It removes all of my makeup and leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean. It doesn't dry out my skin like other cleansers I've tried, and I love the way it foams up when I massage it onto my skin. It's also gentle and doesn't cause any irritation.
Great for sensitive skin, a bit thick
A little background of my skin. I have pretty sensitive skin prone to closed comedones, and little bumps that are triggered by certain skincare ingredients/products. Ive used this cleansing balm over the past year and honestly loved it! Its great at removing face and eye makeup (not waterproof) and as a student, you just cant beat the price and quality! Its honestly such a solid option for someone with sensitive skin looking for a great, skin-loving way to remove their makeup, as the first step in their double cleanse routine Pros: - Price is AMAZING - Ingredients are clean + vegan + cruelty free!!! - Removes makeup - Easy to use and access (sold at Sephora) Cons: - Consistency is a bit thick compared to other oil cleansing balms ive used, BUT nothing thats uncomfortable
Removes makeup well
Removes makeup (eyeshadow, mascara) really well. I don't think I'd use as an every day cleanser though.
Best Makeup Remover
I have repurchased this 3 times already. It removes all of my makeup with just the product and water. Even takes off waterproof mascara. Be careful around the eyes and make sure to double cleanse.
Not the best
I’m a big balm cleanser person and this one is just not it. Has a oily residue that seems to stay with you even after going with a non oily cleanser. And still hard tk take waterproof mascara afterwards. Not a fan
You need to cleanse this cleanser!
I have very sensitive skin, especially because I am starting a retinol regime to try and manage my adult onset acne (uggggh!). My skin is peeling like crazy so I bought this cleanser to remove makeup, keep my skin more hydrated and not break me out or irritate my already irritated skin. The good: it didn’t break me out or irritate my skin and when all was said and done my skin was more moisturizer. The OK: it removed most of my makeup. The Bad: it was still greasy on my skin after I rinsed my face. I had to go back with another cleanser to get the rest off as it felt slightly claustrophobic. My plan is to go back and try with a toner after, instead of another cleanser to see if that feels any better. In my opinion, if you have oily skin, or just don’t have super dry skin, this cleanser isn’t for you.
My favorite cleanser for winter
This cleanser is so slick and fantastic at getting anything caked on... OFF! I love how it emulsifies in water and how it's perfect for sensitive skin. It didn't clog my pores and it didn't break the bank. This will be my long-term cleanser! For reference, I don't wear make-up, but I do live in a country with serious air pollution.
Perfect for the teenager
Removes all makeup. This product is perfect for the gently skin.
This is a good, mild, cleanser. It did not break me out but in my opinion will not take off your make up properly. You need to double cleanse.


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