4,5 5 0 121 121 1er détergent végétal avec le pouvoir nettoyant de marée (75 % végétal). 4 détergents naturels puissants. Formule fabriquée avec de l'électricité éolienne 100 % renouvelable à zéro déchets de fabrication dans les sites de décharge (l’installation utilise également de la vapeur ; l’électricité représente environ 50 % d'énergie au total). Sans colorants, chlore, phosphates ou azurants optiques. Convient pour les rondelles à haute efficacité (HE) et ordinaires.
Tide Purclean Lessive Liquide à Base de Pantes
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The best
This is the best laundry product I’ve used. I love the scent it leaves on the clothes after using it.
Very good
Like that it is Bio base and cleans better then other's out there
I'm sadly allergic to almost every single detergent due to how harsh the chemicals are and the fragrance. Luckily, my skin does not react to this. I use 75% of the recommended amount which is more than plenty (more bang for you buck). It cleans my clothes and leaves a beautiful light scent that doesn't irritate my very reactive skin. I couldn't be more happy with this product. I also love that it's bio-based. Side note, I bought & tested this item with my own money.
Good product
I love that this product. It cleans clothes just as good as the regular Tide and it being bio-based makes me happy. Because it has no added dye it is great for those with allergies.
Wonderful 'Clean' Detergent
As someone who suffers from sensitivity to harsh soaps, this product delivered!! Removes dirt and grime and leaves clothes smelling fresh without harsh scents.
Makes your cloths feel gentle + smells great and lingers on your stuff like purses
Pretty good
Liked it. Not a great stain remover or for clothes that are extra dirty from working. My skin is super sensitive it works.
An amazing detergent
I tried this detergent last week and the fragrance and spark I observed in my clothes was unmatched and never found before. It was just an amazing experience to have tis as my primary answer to all stains.the best thing about this is it is non toxic and free from all the chemicals. It is just nature friendly and soft to your apparels too. I just loved this detergent and would recommend all of you to try this.
Septic safe detergent
Used this detergent as a septic safe detergent at the cottage. Pleasant odour but was not as good as the regular tide on baby messes.
amazing detergent for those with skin allergies
got this to try for my dad who has a skin allergy, it smells fresh and the product does not cause my dad's akin to react to the detergent so im very happy
Très bon produit !
Je recommande fortement ! Excellent produit bio ! Ma famille et moi ont adore l’odeur et la douceur.
Feels safe
Feels safe using it to wash my kid's clothes especially he has sensitive skin. Don't have to worry about him getting allergies with the detergent.
Love it!!
Was skeptic at first if it would work on tuff stains as I have 4 sons who love to get there clothes in some horrible messes but it worked perfectly diddnt need a lot of product and clothes came out clean as a charm smelling great
Great Product
I love good fresh smell of my clothes. This Tide gives me satisfaction and clean clothes.
Fresher clothing
Nice scent leaves clothes clean and soft mixes well in the water


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