4,5 5 0 27 27 Votre tout-petit est passé du stade bébé à celui de bambin qui marche, parle et s'alimente tout seul! Il est temps de passer des biscottes Baby Mum-Mum aux Biscottes de Riz Toddler Mum-Mum, un choix savoureux, biologique pour votre enfant. Cuites au four et emballées individuellement pour en préserver la fraîcheur, les biscottes Toddler Mum-Mum sont une collation santé parfaite pour la maison, la garderie, les jeux avec les amis ou à emporter sur la route!
Toddler Mum Mum Biscottes Riz Mangue Kiwi Biologiques
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Great snack for babies!
My little guy loves these! They are the perfect size for little hands to hold them on their own, he really liked the flavour, and I felt safe letting him eating them on his own because of the way they dissolve in your mouth! I have bought different flavours and this one is definitely his favourite! (My son was starting eating these around 12months and is currently 17months). Will definitely continue to buy!
Good snack
These are a great little snack for little ones! My niece really likes them and it’s great for just a quick snack before a full meal or on the go.
These rice snacks are great! These are packed with a lot of flavour not overpowering! They are great for toddlers and my children love them. My nephew who is almost 2 is the reason my whole family snacks on these my nephew loves this brand of snacks!!
Baby approved
She loves these crackers, very easy to eat and great on-the-go.
Unusual color
We use this brand daily, but this is a new flavor for us. My kid won't even eat it and she loves every other mum mum flavored cracker. These are the only ones that are a bit of an unusual color as well, not very appealing looking. We pass on this flavor
Mum mum
Bought these for my granddaughter and she absolutely loves them and any flavor
Tasty Treat for Toddlers
My daughter really enjoys this toddler treat. It is tasty and a good size for a quick snack. I find the packaging good- as I never seem to receive any broken crackers like I normally do in other types of "treat" or "cracker" boxes. My toddler seems to really enjoy this one- the flavour and it's other flavour as well. She always asks for more.
my daughter also very happy
I used with my daughter food twice a day.. My daughter favorite food.. She eat regularly.. This product is very healthy for baby
Bland but useful
Though the taste is a bit bland, this biscuit is good for teething babies/toddlers.
Mon bébé adore
Mon bébé adore les biscuits mum mum, j'en ai essayé plusieurs sortes et il semble tous les aimer. Je crois que c'est un bon aliment pour un bébé qui apprend a manger car ca fond dans la bouche comparativement a d'autre sorte que j'ai essayé. Il ne se tanne pas de manger ses biscuits et est toujours très excitée lorsque je lui en donne un.Je recommande ce produit à toute les mamans.
Kids love it
My kids live toddler mum mums and I thought that the flavour would be a hard sale for them but they didn't even bat an eye. Gobbled it right up.
Not a bad flavor
My kids usually ate the original mum mums and sometimes the strawberry ones. When I saw this new flavor, I had to try it, and I have to say it’s quite interesting! Not very sweet, nor too salty, and a mild mango taste
Great easy treat
My toddlers love these, super easy tasty treat for them to enjoy and handy to have in the diaper back should we need them.
Mum mums
Bought these for my granddaughter and she loved them.
Great snack
My son has been eating these for the past few months and he loves them. Not going to lie, I have tried the product and they do taste good. There great for car rides, going to the park or just about anytime. They do have other flavours but this ones the best.



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