3,4 5 0 47 47 Des soirée les plus chic à la collation d'après midi, nos nouvelles tranches style mozzarella plairons à tous. Doux et crémeux, ils sont délicieux chaud ou froid, et comme toutes les tranches Daiya, le goût, la texture et la façon de fondre sont encore meilleurs avec notre nouvelle recette améliorée. Maintenant, tout le monde peut manger librement avec ces incroyables tranches de style mozzarella.
Tranche Style Mozzarella Daiya
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It’s tasty and I like it it’s just a bit pricy. I don’t understand why prices go high when items get labeled “vegan”!!!!
Not Good
This product is not good. Everything from the taste to the texture to the price is off putting. There are other options that are better than this one. Would not repurchase or recommend.
Not for me
A friend said these were really good and that I should try them. I did and they’re definitely not for me, they just don’t taste right. If it taste different more like real cheese then I would recommend it.
Not great
It doesn't taste like cheese at all and it leaves a bit of an aftertaste. For the price of this product, I would've expected better.
I have an allergy to dairy so. i often find myself buying this brand of dairy free cheese. Although it doesn’t taste exactly like real cheese it’s a wonderful alternative. one of my favourite parts of grilled cheeses are the cheese pull. you still get that satisfaction with this line of cheese!
I love these
I love eating these on their own, or in a sandwich. It doesn’t really taste like cheese, but I like the taste.
Sandwich perfect
I use them on most of my sandwiches. Definitely worth trying as a dairy replacement.
It's okay. There's something off about it though. Find off feety
Happy vegan but don’t crave it
I have tried my fair share of vegan cheeses and is the best melting cheese product on the market. That said, I wouldn’t eat it on a cheese platter by itself.
It was gouda! ;)
I really loved this cheese. Flavor was good. Consistency could improve a little but it worked perfectly on our homemade pizzas! Definitely worth a try! Hope you like it as much as I do!
Love it
I eat dairy free and this is the best tasting I have had.
Not my Favourite product
This product is lacking in flavour n texture not for me or my family
Not worth it
I was not impressed with this product. I didn't care for the taste or texture of the cheese. It reminded me of no name fake cheese slices. I will be giving away the rest of the pack.
I actually really enjoyed this product and have repurchased it several times. I like that fact that it taste is good even without the dairy. More in the package would be great.
Not bad
Considering its a vegan item.I was very unsure.But my oldest daughter is vegan.So ive got to try new things.To my surprise.It wasnt exactly what I thought.Compared to regular cheese.But its an alternative. My youngest didnt mind it.


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