4,5 5 0 92 92 Un délicieux mélange d'amandes et d'arachides rôties, agrémenté de noix de coco grillee.
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Surpisingly good
I had a coupon to try these, so I did. I eat Protein bars to help with my healthier diet and I found these a good fit. 10 grams of protein can keep me full if I need to miss a meal. Of course taste is important too, and these were very nice. Coconut is a sweet enjoyable change.
Alerte : noix de coco
Comme j’adore la noix de coco je n’ai pas pu résister. Pas trop sucré. Belle collation de fin d’après-midi ou d’après course pour un petit remontant.
I love coconut so when I saw these I had to try them. I was pleasantly surprised. Only downside is the price for only 4 bars compared with other granola bars where you get 5-6 bars in a box. Definitely worth trying but for me not cost efficient
Great taste
I loved these bars. I've tried a couple different flavours now and they're all good. This one in particular was a nice balance of coconut and the usual sweet/ salty mix of nature valley granola bars. It was very filling so great to have on the go.
j ai achetée ces barres de noix de coco et amande,j ai vraiment aimer ces barres,elle sont tendre et on bon gout
The Nature Valley Protein Coconut bars are so delicious. They taste great and they fill that hollow spot you get in the middles of the afternoon and it makes a great snack for school or work or just because.
this bar is so tasty and keeps you feeling full great snack
Susie N.
We love all of the various Nature Valley dipped nut bars, so when I discovered the new box, naturally I picked it up. Although my children cannot bring items containing nuts to school, they love having them for on-the-go snacks. Coconut didn't disappoint! The texture is similar to the other bars in this line, but the taste is very "fresh" and the coconut isn't too dry, like many competitors. If you enjoy the Nature Valley brand, please give these guys a try!
Keep you full
These are a pretty good snack, they keep you full for a little while and are super easy to keep on you somewhere. Nature valley bars in general are pretty solid and 9 times out of 10 a good choice that wont be regretted. This coconut one just personally was not my favorite because it is not very coconuty.
True flavour
I love these bars because of their true coconut and almond flavours, not artificial. It's my go to snack when hiking.
Good taste
I bought these because my husband really likes coconut and to my surprise, although not a fan of it, i really enjoyed it!
Nature Valley Protein Bars
Great taste, great snack and always at a great price!
Hubby luv
After trying a sample my husband ask me to buy these every time I go shopping. He says its just the right mixture of coconut to granola.
Taste good
Great taste but the bars look a little displeasing. Bars in package didn’t not look as yummy as the other similar bars we’ve come to love from this same brand. But flavour was still present.
I recently tried this product and it was amazing!! I am not too keen on purchasing coconut flavored products, as they sometimes tend to have too much coconut. This was actually really good! And I have purchased again and intend on doing so again! #Nature Valley is my favorite brand of granola bar!



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