4,6 5 0 155 155 Le vaporisateur désinfectant LysolMD détruit 99,9 % des virus et des bactéries se trouvant sur les surfaces dures et non poreuses, fréquemment touchées dans la maison.
Vaporisateur désinfectant Chute d'eau printanniere de Lysol
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Great for high traffic areas, I use this for mainly door handles!
Clean clean clean
Lysol spray is an essential item in my house. I always spray it then leave it rest on surfaces for 10 mins before wiping the residue away. I find that it leaves my countertops, walls and light switches clean and it smells nice too. I'm sad that it's harder to come by these days.....
A must-have item
This is amazing for disinfecting items that can't typically be washed (couch, furniture etc.). It's such a needed item considering the time we are currently in at the moment. The scent is also not too harsh and doesn't smell too much like chemicals either.
Lasting power
I love this for disenfecting the bathroom and my door knobs it smells so good and feels so clean and kills most germs
C'est bien!
Je l'ai essayer c'est bien mais je trouve que c'est moins efficace que les lingettes mais c'est selon les goûts de chacun! L'odeur est agréable par contre un plus pour moi!
I love this product I buy it every time I see it in stock. It’s some thing that is great to have in this house especially during these trying times. Are use this to spray down the doorhandles and light fixtures. Will definitely re-purchase
This spray is great for things that can’t be washed. I use them on my sofas and carpet to freshen them up. The scent is pleasant and this product is easy to use.
Handy to have on hand
I like using these lysol sprays in my garbage cans so that they smell fresh and may kill any bacteria hanging around. Doesn't need much spray just here and there. Will recommend
Désinfecte bien
Bon désinfectant! Mais je préfère les lingettes que les produits en aérosols.
Lysol is a trusted brand
The family of Lysol products (sprays) are great. They add the ability of ease to add to carpets and furniture like sofas. This one scent is not overerpowering and a great addition.
Amazing Product
I love this product. I don't find the scent overpowering and it leaves my surfaces clean and disinfected. I would highly recommend it. It does leave surfaces quite wet so I usually rub it in with a rag after I have sprayed them.
Overpowering Scent
I find this scent is overpowering, but I also find it doesn't linger long. Easy to use, just spray and leave it. Makes disinfecting surfaces super easy! I use this at home and in my classroom. Would recommend!
I like the scent as it is not too overpowering as other disinfectants. It’s safe to use on any surface and around children and pets. I can’t wait to get my hands on more of this product.
Great Disinfectant Spray!
Our family love lysol brand! This disinfectant spray works amazing! The scent is nice and not overpowering! It gives refreshing and clean feels to the entire room/house! Would definitely recommend this and buy again!
Smells great!
I have used this at work.before for our office. I used it.on several different surfaces; not damaging any or leaving any residue. It leaves a beautiful clean fresh after smell that lasts quit a long time!

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