4,6 5 0 158 158 Le vaporisateur désinfectant LysolMD détruit 99,9 % des virus et des bactéries se trouvant sur les surfaces dures et non poreuses, fréquemment touchées dans la maison.
Vaporisateur désinfectant Chute d'eau printanniere de Lysol
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I like the scent as it is not too overpowering as other disinfectants. It’s safe to use on any surface and around children and pets. I can’t wait to get my hands on more of this product.
Great Disinfectant Spray!
Our family love lysol brand! This disinfectant spray works amazing! The scent is nice and not overpowering! It gives refreshing and clean feels to the entire room/house! Would definitely recommend this and buy again!
Smells great!
I have used this at work.before for our office. I used it.on several different surfaces; not damaging any or leaving any residue. It leaves a beautiful clean fresh after smell that lasts quit a long time!
Pratique et efficace
Un produit facile à utiliser qui est idéal, tant pour l'entretien journalier que pour le grand ménage. Désinfecte les surfaces propices aux bactéries. C'est un atout à garder précieusement dans la salle de bain.
c'est le seul produit que je recommande pour désinfecter autour de la toilette et sur la toilette, il tue les germes, les bacteries et ce que j'aime aussi de lysol c'est qu'il sent tres bon
Not sure
This works, it's convenient to use, really kills bad odours, and gets rid of any nasty bacteria. However, waterfall scent? Not really. To me it smells like cheap teenage boy cologne and it stinks up your whole house. I'd go with a different scent.
A great disinfectant
I love this disinfectant. The can it comes it sprays like a dream throughout its life, providing a nice mist that's easy to work with. The scent is strong enough to overcome tough garbage odors. Would absolutely recommend
Good disinfectant spray
I love this product. I use it on surfaces and doorknobs everyweek to banish any germs. Also use it whenever anyone is sick. Smells okay and lasts a long time. Good value on price.
Facile d'utilisation!
J'aime la facilité d'utilisation de ce désinfectant. Un coup de vaporisation et l'objet est désinfecté! C'est grandement plus rapide que les lingettes désinfectantes ou un linge imbibé de produit nettoyant. Il dégage un puissant parfum de fraîcheur.
Good cleaning power
I like to use this on my kitchen counter top. Doesn’t seem to hurt it or leave a stain. But the scent will linger for some time while it airs out. Otherwise I think it’s a pretty good cleaning agent.
best thing ever
I love this product because of its neutral but nice smell and because it is easy to use and clean your surroundings.
The best!
This disinfectant is absolutely the best! I've tried other brands; however, Lysol has still be proven superior (IMO).
I think the spray is a little strong especially if you spray in a small area
I am a big fan of all Lysol products. I use this spray for my bedroom and in running shoes-love the scent and it does last for awhile.
Great smell and very useful
I use my Lysol spray to keep my garbage smells under control. It keeps away the smell from soiled cat litter as well. I like that it isn’t overpoweringly scented and irritating. Natural fresh scent.

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