4,6 5 0 158 158 Le vaporisateur désinfectant LysolMD détruit 99,9 % des virus et des bactéries se trouvant sur les surfaces dures et non poreuses, fréquemment touchées dans la maison.
Vaporisateur désinfectant Chute d'eau printanniere de Lysol
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The best
I've tried a lot of different disinfectant sprays and this one is by far one of my faves..loves the fact that it's something that kills 99.9% germs plus has a great scent..a lot of these I find too strong or don't last..this one meets all my needs :)
Always glad to depend on Lysol!
The Lysol brand never seems to fail, and its convenience of use is perfect, especially with having to clean up kids' messes. Great smell, lasting cleanliness!
Ce produit est très efficace lorsqu'un membre de notre famille a le rhume et que l'on veut pas avoir ses microbes.Je l'emploi régulièrement quand j'ai besoin. Le seul point négatif, c'est que je dois tout nettoyer les endroits où j'en ai appliqué après que je ne m'en sert plus.Cela laisse des coulisses et ça l'air sale parce que nous lavons pas tout tous les jours.
Great product
I really like Lysol Disinfectant spray. It smells great and is so convenient. Also like it as disinfectant. Would recommend.
Must have
With three busy kids in school, daycare, sports etc this is a must have around my home. They are a good price and come inba convinient dispenser can. I also work in the health care field and feel i have germs comming from every direction here and am always concerned of germs and getting sick. This product makes it easy to keep up and disinfect my home. I love this product!
Always near
Use to disinfect kitchen, trash, knobs, switches...especially after a cold virus that has passed through the house. Like the smell and spray power.
Fresh scent
I use the Lysol disinfectant sprays to disinfect the inside of my trash cans after every trash bag chnage. It leaves the bin smelling fresh and helps remove previous odours.
Quick and Easy
I love having this in my home! It is great for a quick disinfectant to spray in the garbage cans or on the doorknobs after the household has been sick!
Great disinfectant spray!
Lysol Spring Waterfall Disinfectant Spray works very well all around the home especially for all of my waste baskets, garbage bins and compost bins. The waterfall fragrance is quite subtle and pleasing which I and the rest of my family enjoy due to fragrance allergies.
Good riddance, germs!
Lysol sprays are my go to for keeping my home clean and to get rid of as many germs as I can. With two kids there are many. I love that I had some peace of mind after using this product. I will continue to use this spray in the future!
I love this disenfetant spray--not only do I spray in my garbage cans after I also find the freshness of the smell is better than air freshner sprays ☺
I use this every day in my home as i like to always have my home disinfected . This is the always works for me . I prefer this brand as to any other one out there .
I am amazed that this product kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. I look forward to buying this again.
i actually love this stuff. when my son was just a month old his dad had gotten a cold so i made him sleep in a different room, but i cleaned it all with this spray and no one got sick so it is a great product
Quick easy way to get those door knobs. Great scent!

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