4,7 5 0 41 41 La vapeur et l'humidité offrent un soulagement temporaire de la toux et de la congestion due aux rhumes ou aux allergies. Les humidificateurs et inhalateurs à vapeur Vicks vous aident à respirer plus facilement où que vous soyez, de la chambre au bureau.
Vicks VapoSteam Liquide médicamenteux avec camphre pour aider à soulager la toux
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super bon produit, sa sent super bon. je le recommande fortement
Great product !
Relieves a stuffy nose and is soothing. Very effective !
I did try this and yes it does help me I rub my chest feet n sleep like a baby
Finally sleep
Finally slept all night as I wasn't up coughing all night thanks Vicks !
Vicks Vapo Steam
This has always been my favorite when i have colds and need the steam to help breathe properly , without vicks i have very hard time always always have this on hand as it;s quite simply the best one one the market
This was a good product with easy use with children. We had great results.
Good product
Good product my daughter had a stuffy nose used it in her room helped her a lot.
The best
I've been using this brand for a long time and this specific type is great as expected. Refreshing and healing and would recommend to all with confidence
Vicks vapo steam
I ALWAYS have this product in our house!! As soon as one of my kids starts with the sign of a head cold I bring out the vicks vaporizer. I have been using this product for 16 years!!
Ce produit nous a beaucoup aidé aux enfants et a nous même à passer au travers de nos rhume/grippe!
i love it
i love the smell i love how fast it works and how long it lasts the price is great and its good for all ages thumbs up from me
Vick’s vapour
This product has helped all my kids when they were sick amazing!!! It helps them to breathe through your their sleep
Works as well if not better!
In my opinion, this product works as well if not better than it states it will on the label. The menthol liquid seems to be very potent that when put in the humidifier - it TRULY fills the entire room with the great menthol scent that we all need when congestion and that stuffy feelings of “sickness” hit. I give this product two thumbs up. I’ve been using it for years and have nothing but great things to say about it! And you don’t need much either so the bottle goes a very long way. The value for the price is also a bonus!
This product really helped clear the sinuses! Felt better in no time!
Lets you breathe easy
This is the perfect compromise to putting the sticky Vicks on your body. For those who need relief during a chest cold, Vicks is simply the best there is to help you unclog those nostrils.



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